Jojo Siwa Shared Her Full Two-Hour Workout — Yes, That's Really Long

In a TikTok post, Siwa shared a recent workout complete with treadmill sprints, pull-ups, jumping rope, and so much more.

Jojo Siwa
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Jojo Siwa clearly isn't opposed to time-consuming workouts. The singer and Dance Moms alum shared the complete breakdown of a recent session in a post on TikTok, noting that it was "about a two-hour workout," in the clip's voiceover.

In the video, Siwa stretches before jumping rope for 10 minutes, getting fancy with some double-unders and criss-cross jumps. She then moves on to a mix of cardio and upper body exercises, knocking out medicine ball slams, mountain climbers, and plank shoulder taps before returning to her jump rope — and even then, she was just getting started.

Siwa moves on to assisted pull-ups, triceps pushdowns, hanging leg raises, and weighted ab pulldowns before completing a move that she says she "made up," which involves a hollow hold on a BOSU ball. Finally, she performs twenty minutes of treadmill sprints on an eight percent incline before knocking out speed push-ups and speed V-ups. In an outro shot, Siwa grins and wipes sweat from her brow after her two-ish hours of work.

Let's hit pause for a moment. No, it's not just you — that workout is a lot. "Two hours is quite a long workout," confirms Dara Kawka, C.P.T., a trainer for FlexIt. There's a mantra in fitness to "work smarter, not harder" for a reason. It emphasizes quality over quantity, distance, or length — aka focusing on compound movements, full-body exercises, and metabolic work that check multiple boxes in less time. Not to mention, many people may not have a free two hours to dedicate to their workout.

That said, Siwa is "definitely at an advanced level of fitness, demonstrating muscular strength and aerobic conditioning as well as maintaining a good range of motion in her movements," during the workout," says Nina Moore, C.P.T., founding trainer of FORME.

She incorporated a strategy that beginners and advanced athletes alike can benefit from, believes Kawka. Namely, she incorporated stretching, cardio, and strength exercises into her regimen. Each has its place: Stretching lowers your risk of injury and improves circulation, cardio helps your circulatory system run more effectively, and strength training can help you build muscle and strengthen your bones.

Starting with stretches and then warming up her body by jumping rope was a smart move, according to Moore. "Raising the body temperature and increasing blood flow to muscles prior to strenuous movement is another way to lower the risk of injury and may also lessen muscle soreness, especially when the workout volume is high as in this one," she says.

Of course, the exercises that Siwa completed after her warm-up all have their own unique benefits. Pull-ups "are one of the most effective exercises for incorporating multiple muscle groups — the back, shoulders, biceps, and core — and building a foundation of upper body functional strength," while mountain climbers increase cardio endurance and strength and "involve a significant amount of core work," says Moore. As for push-ups, the classic is "one of my favorite exercises because they are a compound movement that maximizes training efficiency," says Moore — meaning, they give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Siwa noted the number of sets and reps she completed for each exercise, providing a blueprint for anyone who dares attempt to work out like her. But if exercising for two hours straight doesn't sound appealing or achievable, you can still take a cue from the reality star by combining stretching, cardio, and strength training for a well-rounded workout regimen.

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