How to Do Jonathan Van Ness' Bodyweight Finisher from His Trainer, Angel Flores

The Queer Eye star shared the three-move series on Instagram.

Jonathan Van Ness and Angel Flores

Jonathan Van Ness of Netflix's Queer Eye and Getting Curious shared a no-equipment workout from his trainer Angel Flores on Instagram this week. Fans of Queer Eye may remember Flores from season six of the Netflix series, when viewers were introduced to the trans powerlifter and Olympic weightlifting coach. Now, along with teaching classes at a queer-owned strength gym in Austin, Texas called Liberation Barbell Club and collaborating with activewear brands, Flores finds the time to train Van Ness.

In a recent Instagram video, the JVN founder completed a three-move workout from Flores and explained exactly how his followers can try it for themselves at home. "If you want a gorgeous little cardio for your life, Angel gave me this workout to do this morning," they said before demonstrating three bodyweight exercises in the clip.

"I always end our workouts with some form of metabolic conditioning. With how well JVN has been adapting to training (have you SEEN her?), I get plenty of options." Flores tells Shape. "This particular workout is a quick, end-of-session, full-body circuit."

First up are jump squats, a plyometric leg exercise that can increase power and strength in your lower body. Just make sure you've nailed down basic squats, which increase strength and stability in your hips, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core, before adding in the jump. Next are curtsy lunges, a variation on a traditional lunge that can strengthen your lower body, including your quads, glutes, and calves, while testing your stability, balance, and coordination. (Psst: Here's how to do lunges correctly.)

Finally, a push-up is about as classic as it gets, but the deceivingly simple move can be tricky to get the hang of. The exercise works your shoulders, triceps, chest, and core when done correctly. (

"The goal [for Van Ness] has always been improved gymnastics ability, but especially recently, we've had a new focus on balancing their performance with their body," explains Flores. "The conditioning on top of our weight training teaches the body to prioritize muscle mass over fat mass," she adds.

Ahead, watch Van Ness tackle the workout, then learn how to do it yourself.

Jonathan Van Ness' Bodyweight Workout

How it works: You can repeat sets of the three moves for 10 to 20 minutes, or you can tack on a few sets of each move to the end of your workout, which is what Van Ness said he did in his post. "I did sets of ten, then eight, then six, then four, then ten for the last one, so it's five rounds of these three exercises," they explained in their Instagram post.

What you'll need: no equipment.

Squat Jump

A. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart with hands together in front of chest.

B. Bend knees to descend into a squat position.

C. Explosively jump upward as high as possible, driving through heels, letting arms come down by sides

D. Upon landing, squat down and bring hands back to front of chest, returning to starting position.

Do 4 to 10 reps.

Curtsy Lunge

A. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart with hands on hips.

B. Step right foot diagonally behind body and lower right knee to nearly touch the ground. Left knees bends at a 90-degree angle.

C. With weight in left heel, stand up to return to starting position.

Do 4 to 10 reps on each leg, alternating sides.


A. Start in a high-plank position with palms just wider than shoulder-width apart, pressing into the floor. Keep feet together and engage quads and core.

B. Bend elbows back at 45-degree angles, lowering entire body toward the floor.

C. Pause when chest is just below elbow height.

D. Press into palms to push body back up away from the floor, returning to starting position.

Do 4 to 10 reps.

If you need to modify the moves, it's no problem, according to Flores. "I attempt to make my workouts as accessible as I can, and this one is easily scalable," she says. "You can do air squats instead of jump squats, normal lunges instead of curtsy, and do push-ups on a raised surface," she adds. "You can also make things harder; it's completely up to the athlete."

Feeling inspired Van Ness? Try adding Flores' finisher to your next workout to change things up.

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