The star posted a boxing video that proves she isn't messing around (and you probably don't wanna mess with her).

It's no secret that celebrities love boxing workouts. From Gigi Hadid to America Ferrera, there's certainly not a shortage of inspirational women who like to get their heart rates up by punching it out. Now, it looks like they've added another major star to their ranks.

Yesterday, Julianne Hough posted a video of herself boxing with her trainer, saying that she's prepping for a new role. Despite the fact that she used the hashtag #firsttimeboxing, it looks like she's got the moves down. Let's just say we'd be a *little* nervous to be sparring with her in a boxing class. (P.S. Love a good sweat that makes you feel like a badass? Up your usual "in the ring" routine with these three kickass MMA fighting moves from Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara.)

"I love it so much," says Julianne, who recently teamed up with Fitbit to dish about her new workout. "It's not just a workout; it's a mind game as well. That's why I love dancing, too. You have to think about the moves."

Even though it was her first time boxing, Julianne said she's hooked on how empowered it makes her feel: "From when I was about 10 years old and on, I was basically growing up with boys, and I had this mentality of, 'Yeah, I'm a girl, but I'm going to show you how strong I am,'" she says. "So when you get that really good punch on the bag and you hear the reaction from the coach like, 'oh, woah,' it's proving that girls are really strong. Like, 'yeah, that's right! I'm a badass girl!"

FWIW, even if she looks like a natural, it seems that Julianne is no stranger to the struggles of starting a new workout plan. In a post earlier this month, she talked about how hard it can be to get back into the routine of exercising after taking some time off from the gym-like she did during her epic honeymoon. In her caption, Hough explains that she's so grateful that she made working out part of her everyday lifestyle. "Staying active and working out is now a must for me," she wrote. "It's hard to get started (especially after indulging guiltlessly on your honeymoon) and to keep going sometimes, but I always find if I can give it three weeks of hard work and discipline, something in my body and mind switches and it becomes so much fun!"

That could possibly be the most relatable fitness advice we've ever heard from a celeb. Starting a new workout program or sport is always tough, and coming back to the gym after even the most well-deserved breaks can feel like starting back at square one. But if you recommit to your schedule, and stick with it for a couple weeks, pretty soon you'll start to feel excited about working out again instead of dreading it. Are you in the midst of taking up something new right now? Then, you can probably relate to the 14 stages of starting a new workout plan.