Kaley Cuoco Used This Cardio and Core Workout to Start Her Week Right

Cuoco's trainer confirms that the actress has a "never miss a Monday" outlook.

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Kaley Cuoco doesn't mess around in the gym, as evidenced by the "Monday sweat sesh" videos she shared to Instagram Stories after a session yesterday with her trainer, Ryan Sorensen, and her pal (and Flight Attendant stunt double), Monette Moio. Cuoco is back in full force after an intense seven-month filming schedule for season two of the hit HBO series, Sorensen tells Shape.

Cuoco is all about cardio lately after a long stretch of filming, and has been focusing on "uptempo and upbeat" moves that get her heart rate up while also challenging her coordination and mobility, shares Sorensen. And while the series of moves Cuoco tackled yesterday were intense, every day is different. When the Emmy winner hits the gym, it's "always a progression," says Sorensen, adding, "I kind of feel her out, see how she's doing and where she's at. Some days, we have a lighter day. Some days, we get after it."

That said, Sorensen notes that Cuoco has a "never miss a Monday," mentality, using her workouts to set the tone for the rest of the week. "We really try to ramp it up on Mondays," he shares. If you want to bring the same energy to your next Monday workout, you can copy her exact routine as long as you've got a step platform, medicine balls, and a VersaClimber, aka a vertical cardio machine that mimics the experience of climbing with your hands and feet. Having a workout partner on hand will not only help you stay motivated and assist with partner passes à la Cuoco and Moio, but even if you're sweating solo, you can tackle this routine.

Kaley Cuoco's Cardio and Core Workout

How it works: Complete each move for the indicated number of reps.

You'll need: A step platform and two medicine balls. Bonus if your gym has a VersaClimber — if not, try a rowing machine or ladder machine for a similar cardio challenge that's gentle on joints.

Single-Leg Step-Ups

A. Stand with feet hips-width distance apart, arms at sides, facing the front of a step platform. Place right foot on the step, engaging quads, glutes, and core throughout.

B. Drive through right foot to step onto the top of the bench in a unilateral movement, bringing left knee up to hip height, maintaining stability the entire way through.

C. Lower left leg back to the floor with control to return to start.

Do 15 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

Box Jumps

A. Stand in front of platform with feet shoulder-width apart.

B. Swing arms and hinge hips back keeping chest tall, back flat, and core engaged.

C. Use momentum to swing arms forward, jumping up and slightly forward onto platform, landing softly with both feet to protect joints.

Do 15 reps in rapid-fire succession with little time spent on the ground in between each rep.

Medicine Ball Sit-Ups

A. Lie on back, holding a medicine ball in both hands. Lift legs and upper body off the ground to form a "V" shape with body, keeping knees bent and tailbone securely on the mat.

B. Push ball away from chest while straightening knees. Return ball to chest while bending knees.

C. Continue movement without lowering feet to the floor.

Do 15 reps in rapid-fire succession.

Medicine Ball Partner Pass

A. Start lying with legs in a tabletop position, with partner standing by feet. Rest one medicine ball on shins and another in both hands in front of chest.

B. Toss medicine ball to partner. Retrieve the other medicine ball as partner replaces it with the first medicine ball. Continue to retrieve and toss medicine balls, focusing on coordination/core strength with each movement.

Do 15 reps in rapid-fire succession.

End with your cardio of choice, whether that's a VersaClimber, ladder machine, or a rowing machine — even an elliptical will do the trick to spike your heart rate without taxing your joints.

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