Kaley Cuoco Just Crushed This Seriously Intense Pre-Emmys Workout

The actress, who's nominated for a Primetime Emmy for her work in HBO Max's The Flight Attendant, didn't miss a beat in this workout.

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There's no question that Kaley Cuoco is one of the busiest stars in Hollywood. With two films currently in the works as well as the upcoming highly anticipated second season of her HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant, it's clear that life is moving at warp-speed for the 35-year-old actress. Despite everything on her plate — including this Sunday's Emmy Awards, where she is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series — Cuoco managed to squeeze in a killer workout just days before the award show.

Ryan Sorensen, Cuoco's longtime trainer, shared a series of videos Wednesday on Instagram, documenting the duo's recent sweat session. And, by the looks of these clips, it appears Cuoco left no stone unturned, using just about every piece of equipment to craft a fierce, full-body routine. In the Instagram caption, Sorensen shared that the Big Bang Theory alum was "fresh off a huge travel day" and "ready to get back to work," and boy, he was not kidding. "Now it's time to get ready for the Emmys the only way we know how," he continued. "Embrace the grind and have fun with it." (

Cuoco warmed up by jogging on the treadmill, flashing Sorensen a peace sign as she remained focused on the task at hand. She then moved into an agility drill, holding onto a super heavy medicine ball as she shuffled laterally over elevated platforms, similar to the Step Original Aerobic Platform (Buy It, $70, amazon.com). This dynamic move challenges stability, coordination, and balance, all the while spiking your heart rate for an intense cardio burst. (See: Kaley Cuoco Pulled Off a Stability Ball Balance Challenge)

The Emmy nominee then moved on to some flawless jump roping, the old-school cardio workout she called an "obsession" of hers back in 2020. Though it might remind you of your schoolyard days, jump roping challenges just about every part of your body, working your shoulders, arms, butt, and legs while sneakily improving both agility and coordination. (ICYDK, Jennifer Garner loves to jump rope too.)

Next up, Cuoco tested her balance with a med ball yet again, slamming it to the ground as she balanced on one foot (!), her other foot perched behind her against a Sorinex Single Leg Squat Stand (Buy It, $299, sorinex.com). Cuoco's workouts frequently involve super creative medicine ball drills; if you want this versatile tool for your own home gym, try a med ball that's designed to withstand strong slams, such as the JBM Medicine Ball (Buy It, from $36, amazon.com). You can use them for both strength and plyometric moves like Cuoco does, including squats, burpees, crunches, and more.

Already exhausted? Well, guess what — there's more. In another clip shared by Sorensen, the Meet Cute star is seen hitting the mat for some core work with an intense twist; while balancing in a boat pose, Cuoco cranked out dumbbell overhead presses, making it a tricky core move and a shoulder workout. (Read more: Wake Up Your Abs with This 10-Minute Core Workout)

Cuoco then moved into a plank with medicine ball rolls. Sorensen rolled the weighted ball towards her as she pushed it away with one hand while remaining in perfect plank form. She executed the move flawlessly, even managing to sneak in a middle finger to her trainer without skipping a beat. (Inspired? Don't miss this total-body medicine ball workout that carves your core.)

Sorensen then had Cuoco do kettlebell swings (a killer strength and cardio move that works your entire body) with an added challenge: a resistance band looped under both her feet and around the bell. By adding the band, Sorensen made it more difficult for Cuoco to swing the bell up to shoulder height, pushing her to swing with even more power. Cuoco didn't seem to like the move very much, expressing an, "Ugh! Why? Ugh!" with every ascension. Sorensen's response: "It's never enough."

At long last, Cuoco wrapped things up with some time on the VersaClimber, a full-body machine that mimics climbing up a steep incline. And while it all looks grueling, it's just further proof that Cuoco doesn't come to play when she hits the gym — she comes to slay, and slay she does.

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