Kaley Cuoco Is Proving You Don't Need Fancy Equipment to Get a Great Workout

Jump ropes are way more effective than you might think.

Actress Kaley Cuoco from the cast of "The Big Bang Theory" during the show's handprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX on May 1, 2019 in Hollywood, California
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Think you need a bunch of hardcore exercise equipment to squeeze in a good workout? Kaley Cuoco's recent workouts will probs change your mind.

The former Shape cover star took to Instagram to share several pics of herself crushing an outdoor circuit led by her trainer Ryan Sorensen. She was also joined by her sister Bri who, based on a snap of her hunched over and out of breath, seemed to find the workout equally challenging.

"A big part of quarantine has been about staying in shape and getting ready to go back to work at a moment's notice," Cuoco wrote alongside the post. "Thank you to @ryan_sorensen, my amazing trainer for keeping me fit and my crazy gorgeous sister @bricuoco for being my workout partner. No pain no gain people!"

From the looks of it, most of Cuoco's exercises required little to no equipment—something Sorensen pointed out in an Instagram post of his own. "One of many things I've learned over this quarantine is that you don't need to train on a bunch of fancy equipment or in a fancy facility," he wrote, sharing more photos of his training sesh with the Cuoco sisters. "All you need is a plan in place and people around you that want to put in work to get results." (

If you follow Cuoco on Instagram, you're probably aware that a lot of her workouts are accessible and approachable, and this one is no different. The best part? It only uses three pieces of equipment: a resistance band, a jump rope, and a single dumbbell.

Resistance bands, for one, can challenge your muscles in a different way than weights do. Since resistance bands increase tension as you stretch them, the movement gets harder as you increase your range of motion, forcing you to work hard during both the eccentric portion of the movement (when the muscle lengthens) and the concentric (when the muscle shortens). While Cuoco is seen using bands for speed training and resistance rows, this simple piece of equipment can also be used to work your abs, strengthen your lower body, and they can even come in handy to assist you with certain moves, such as pull-ups or deadlifts. (Here's how to use resistance bands to fake heavier weights at home.)

Jump ropes, on the other hand, are perfect for boosting your heart rate, especially when you're short on space. ICYDK, skipping rope is a total-body workout that challenges your shoulders, arms, butt, and legs, burning more than 10 calories a minute. Jump ropes can also help improve agility and ankle mobility, strengthening your joints and decreasing your risk of lower leg injuries, Nick Poulin, CEO and founder of Poulin Health & Wellness in New York City, previously told Shape. BTW, even if you don't have a jump rope on hand, you can still reap the benefits by simply mimicking the movement. You might not torch quite as many calories, but you'll still get the cardio fix you're looking for. (

Last but not least, Cuoco used a single dumbbell for a couple of different workouts, including weighted squats. FYI: If you're having trouble finding dumbbells in stock, you can always use items around the house for a serious workout instead (think: gallon jugs, books, backpacks). (

All in all, Cuoco's sweat sessions seem to include a perfect mix of strength training and cardio—a combo that's key to building an effective workout routine.

Looking for more easy-to-follow workouts? Try this 20-minute no-equipment workout inspired by dance moves.

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