Kamala Harris Crushed a Cardio Workout On the Lincoln Memorial Steps In This Viral Video

Her husband, Doug Emhoff was there to cheer her on, too.

To say that Vice President Kamala Harris is busy these days is an understatement. But her new role in the White House isn't stopping her from squeezing in some outdoor sweat sessions. In fact, Harris was just spotted getting her steps in at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. — proving you can truly crush a workout anytime, anywhere.

Dressed in a baseball cap, mask, puffer jacket, leggings, and Nike Air Max 97s (Buy It, $175, nike.com), Harris nearly blended into the rest of the crowd on the Lincoln Memorial Steps. But fellow fitness enthusiast Bobby Tran spotted the VP and captured a video of her cardio workout in a post on his Instagram page. "It was amazing running into Madam @VP during our 5 miler this morning! 🤩" he wrote in the caption. Tran said he and his girlfriend were visiting the area to see the newly-installed Glass Ceiling Breaker — a gorgeous cracked-glass portrait of Harris that now lives at the Lincoln Memorial's reflecting pool to symbolize her historic win — when they (literally) ran into Harris. (Here's how Harris' niece, activist Meena Harris, is changing the world, too.)

Kamala Harris Lincoln Memorial steps workout
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Tran shared a masked-up, socially distant selfie of Harris with him and his girlfriend, but it was the video he snapped of her briskly jogging up and down the Lincoln Memorial's 58 steps that caught the attention of the internet. Not only was a Secret Service agent spotted trying to keep up with her (in decidedly non-fitness attire, by the way), but Harris' husband, Doug Emhoff waited at the top of the steps to serve up a little high-five as she finished her round.

If you've never considered lacing up your kicks and hitting the stairs, you're missing out on a total-body workout that will have your heart rate racing and your muscles working in minutes. For starters, it can be done just about anywhere you have access to stairs (so you don't even have to follow in Harris' footsteps on those frigid winter days), requiring no equipment save for your regular workout gear and favorite supportive sneakers. Each step will test your balance, flexibility, and cardio capacity, leading to an intense head-to-toe workout you can do even when you don't have much time on your hands.

As for Harris, this probably won't be the last time she's spotted working out around D.C. The newly-minted VP has previously said she works out every morning, even if she's running on little sleep, telling former president Barack Obama in a 2020 campaign video that it's "just the best way to start the day." (

She's definitely no stranger to getting crafty with her workouts, either. Harris told Obama that when her gym was shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, she used liter-sized water bottles as homemade hand weights.

Harris' motivation to prioritize fitness has inspired Emhoff, too. He told Men's Health that the VP "got him into the same groove she's in" when it comes to fitness. (That's just one of the many benefits of having a workout buddy.)

Want to work out Kamala-style? Try this total-body stairs workout you can do anywhere.

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