It's probably safe to say you ~shouldn't~ try this without a trainer

By Julia Malacoff
February 02, 2017

If you know anything about Karlie Kloss, you know she's into fitness. The supermodel is a studio regular at places like FlyBarre, ModelFIT, and AKT in Motion. She's also the face of Adidas by Stella McCartney, meaning she regularly rocks cute designer spandex in their ads-it's a tough job, by somebody's gotta do it, right? (If you love Karlie's workout style, see how you can channel her workout vibes at the gym.)

Recently, she shared a clip from the Adidas #heretocreate campaign, which focuses on bringing creativity into your workouts. She's part of a fearless crowd, including other big names in fitness, such as Hannah Bronfman and Ally Love, but while everyone's getting their sweat on in their own way, Karlie's clip seriously stands out.

Yes, Hannah Bronfman and her fiancé Brendan Fallis' acroyoga pose is pretty impressive (seriously, how are they doing that?!), but Karlie is balancing on a medicine ball with one foot while waving battle ropes? We're pretty impressed by her stability skills and core strength. This move-which Kloss learned from celeb trainer Kira Stokes-tests your balance, undoubtedly works your core, forces you to use your arm strength, and gives you a cardio kick. Battle ropes also have been proven to increase your metabolism, making them a piece of equipment you should definitely consider incorporating into your routine. (Want to try them out on your own? These are 8 battle rope exercises anyone can do.)

But should you attempt this particular exercise alone? Probably not. Face it, balancing on a medicine ball on one foot is hard enough-and could be a good equilibrium-enhancing exercise when done alone-but adding in the instability of using your arms to move something heavy up and down probably isn't the best idea without a spotter around to catch you. That being said, this looks like a really cool hero move that could be something fun to work towards, so if you want to master it, grab a trainer and get to work.


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