Kate Beckinsale Just Defied Gravity By Doing Crunches Suspended from the Ceiling

Watching the star's latest core workout will likely leave your jaw on the floor...and abs aching.

Kate Beckinsale attends the 24th British Independent Film Awards at Old Billingsgate on December 05, 2021
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If hitting the mat for core work sometimes feels a little bit ho-hum, Kate Beckinsale's latest workout — which she slays while suspended in the air (casual) — will have you absolutely mystified…and fully inspired.

Beckinsale recently took to Instagram to share a 10-second snippet of a gravity-defying gym sesh, proving that she's got core strength (and an affinity for heights) in spades. In the clip, which is accompanied by a simple yellow heart as the caption, the 48-year-old actress hangs upside down from a ladder bolted to the ceiling and proceeds to crush a set of crunches as if she's not fighting against the Earth's pull (read: gravity) or blood rushing to her head. Just reading that description can make your jaw drop in amazement. And watching Beckinsale pull off the gravity-defying feet is sure to leave you in even more awe — and your abs aching. (See also: The Standing Abs Workout for a Stronger Core)

At least that seems to be the case for countless fans, who've lit up the comments section of the star's video since she originally posted it. Among the most relatable responses: "Oh hell no," "Beautiful beast 🙌," and "Wowwww 🔥🔥🔥." Perhaps the most fitting response of all, however, came from Beckinsale's Prisoner's Daughter co-star Christopher Convery, who simply wrote, "How."

So, how does one hang from a ceiling ladder and manage a complete core workout? The routine involves the Underworld star hooking both legs to one of the ladder's horizontal rungs, using her core, glute, and upper body strength to reach her arms towards another rung, grabbing onto it with both hands briefly before descending back down and doing it all again. "Intense," "impressive," and "challenging" are all adjectives to describe Beckinsale's badass ab workout. And the same is true for "advanced" — after all, doing crunches suspended from the ceiling is by no means a move for exercise newbies or the faint of heart, for that matter.

But it seems that Beckinsale is neither of those things — at least according to her social media activity. In July 2021, she posted a carousel of clips on Instagram in which she conquers captain's chair leg raises and battle rope exercises. In addition to showcasing her serious strength, Beckinsale also shared a stretching video that demonstrates her incredible flexibility. She's also previously given fans a peek into other hardcore exercises, including a 2019 boxing workout that further suggests the star has abs of steel. In the video, the celeb crunches upward to come face-to-face with a dummy, delivering two jabs to its face before rolling back down to starting (horizontal-ish) position. (

Whether she's blending boxing with abs or slaying a series of aerial sit-ups, the star clearly knows how to up the ante on traditional core exercises. But you don't have to have Beckinsale-level strength (or badassery) to light your own midsection on fire. In fact, there's nothing wrong with taking time to master the basics, especially since a strong core is what helps to support your entire body and to build strength in other muscles. So don't fret if you're content to admire Beckinsale's moves from afar (read: the floor) and stick to some mat-based movements

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