Watch Kate Beckinsale Do Acroyoga with Her Cat

The actress shared a clip of her outdoor yoga flow on Instagram.

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Kate Beckinsale definitely knows how to keep her workouts interesting. Earlier this year, she shared a clip of herself doing a gravity-defying core exercise during a gym session. This week, the 48-year-old actress posted a video of herself doing yoga outside. After nailing a few standing poses, she heads to the floor to perform an acroyoga pose — with her cat.

In the video Beckinsale seemingly follows along with a yoga class on her laptop. She begins in a forward fold position, giving her back and hamstrings a stretch. Then, the Serendipity actress grabs her left big toe with her left hand, transitioning into extended hand-to-big-toe pose. After holding that position for a few breaths, she brings the left leg out to her left side, opening her hip while maintaining her grip on her toes.

Next, she brings her left leg down to meet her right thigh for a tree pose. From there, Beckinsale extends her left leg behind her, leaning forward and bringing her arms straight out to each side in a warrior III pose, which she holds for a few breaths.

The next slide of her Instagram post reveals the actress lying on her back on the mat, balancing her cat on her legs with her arms extended toward the sky in an acroyoga front plank. ICYDK, acroyoga is a combination of acrobatics and yoga typically involving a partner. She stays like this for a few moments, her cat's tail wagging in the air, before breaking the pose and bringing her cat down for kiss.

In case you were curious, this isn't the first time Beckinsale and involved her cat in a workout. Just a few weeks ago, she posted a video of herself walking on a treadmill with her cat in her arm as she playfully plucks a piece of fur from her mouth. "Fitness is our passion," she wrote in the caption of the post.

In all seriousness, yoga boasts some major mental and physical benefits that you can experience with or without an animal by your side. "Incorporating a low-impact practice, such as yoga, into your exercise routine can be a really great way to build full-body strength and help you to master your mental strength," Sweat yoga instructor Phyllicia Bonanno previously told Shape. Yoga is also unique in that it prioritizes "breath, calming your mind, and finding balance," in addition to physical movements, certified yoga instructor Malak Sharaf of Mindful BodyWorks Yoga Studio previously told Shape.

Plus, there are perks to taking your workout outdoors if you can. "Being in [nature] reduces the body's stress-response reactivity, lowers inflammation, and improves the immune system," Eva Selhub, M.D., a resiliency expert and a co-author of the book Your Brain on Nature, previously told Shape. Additionally, being outside can making working out seem easier, leading to people taking on more activity with greater motivation, according to a review of studies published in Extreme Physiology & Medicine.

Other benefits of yoga include promoting better sleep, improving flexibility, and even relieving gassiness (yes, really!). So, take a cue from Beckinsale and find a yoga class that's aligned with your skill level and experience online. Then, head outside — with or without a pet in tow — to practice in the fresh air. (Next: The Essential Yoga Poses for Beginners, According to an Instructor)

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