Just Watching Kate Hudson's Latest Instagram Workout Will Make Your Butt Muscles Burn

She makes targeted booty work look like a walk in the park.

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If you ever needed inspiration to diversify your workout routine, look no further than Kate Hudson's Instagram page. Yes, the actress posts plenty of stunning vacation pics from many a drool-worthy tropical paradise (including Greece, where she's currently filming Knives Out 2) and peppers in a slew of adorable family photos, but fitness junkies come to Hudson's page for one thing: innovative exercise demos that are anything but run-of-the-mill.

The latest in Hudson's arsenal of fascinating maneuvers is an intense leg and butt workout posted to her Instagram on Wednesday morning.

Dressed in a too-cute black, high-neck crop top and short shorts — likely the Camila Seamless Top (Buy It, $20 $50, fabletics.com) and Trinity Mid-Rise Pocket Short (Buy It, 2 for $24 $60, fabletics.com) from her Fabletics line — Hudson moves through a series of intense kneeling side lunges and kickbacks in three different videos. Bracing herself with the support of a folding chair, Hudson looks seriously focused as she extends and flexes to the tunes of Sophia Scott's "White Fence" and Dom Sarfo's "Shine" (um, did we mention she's also strapped into obé ankle weights?). The only thing that momentarily breaks her determined demeanor is an off-camera comment from someone standing nearby in her stunning home gym — and once she gets her giggles out, she's right back to work, breathing with intention and some serious eye-of-the-tiger vibes.

Hudson is no stranger to tackling tough workouts inspired by a variety of disciplines. This seemingly ballet and Pilates-influenced routine looks like it may be a class by obé fitness (after all, she's a documented fan of the workout streaming platform, and her ankle weights bear the brand's name) or even a LEKfit flow, a workout based in high-intensity but low-impact moves (Hudson's Fabletics YouTube channel featured a sample LEKfit core yoga workout back in 2019). But those muscle-sculpting techniques aren't the only regimens she subscribes to. The glute-crushing moves could very well also be rooted in her longtime love of Pilates, or come courtesy of her pal, Tracy Anderson — actress Tracee Ellis Ross certainly seems to think so, since she tagged the trainer in a comment full of clapping emojis. Hudson has previously praised The Tracy Anderson Method for getting her in top shape and has shouted out the regimen on her Instagram stories.

But in addition to dance and Pilates, Hudson is an all-around athlete. Just a few weeks ago, she showed off a strangely hypnotic maneuver that involved swinging a Bulgarian bag-shaped JoyPlus Aqua Bag (Buy It, $57, amazon.com) around her body for a core workout that may have induced second-hand soreness for all 13.6 million of her Instagram followers.

It's unclear who made Hudson laugh during that brutal looking routine, but it may very well have been her trainer and strength coach Brian Nguyen, the man responsible for putting the actress through her paces with that aforementioned Aqua Bag situation and tons of perfect-form push-ups.

Whoever is responsible for Hudson's latest sweat session, her fellow celeb followers are living for it. Journalist Lisa Ling may have won the comment game with "Holy Flashdance," referencing Hudson's chic '80s-esque look, while Katie Couric simply stated, "you're a rock star!!!" with a few clapping emojis thrown in for good measure. Octavia Spencer also left a comment hyping up Hudson and tagging Nguyen: "You better slam on 'em queen kate. Tell @dragonmasterbri that y'all are inspiring the hell outta me," she wrote. "Bout to drop my 4 covid babies and come to your closet to steal cast offs."

Whichever workout Hudson is doing on any given day, it's safe to say we'd all like to have what she's having.

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