Kate Hudson Has Been Doing 30-Minute Daily Workouts with This Home Fitness Program

The actress says the classes helped her get out of a funk with her workout motivation.

Kate Hudson attends the Tom Ford AW/20 Fashion Show at Milk Studios on February 07, 2020 in Los Angeles, California
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Kate Hudson is pretty much the epitome of health and wellness. The Fabletics founder has long been open about her love of workout classes and outdoor exercise, and she's been a huge fan of Pilates for over two decades.

But, like many of us, the mom of three found herself struggling to stay motivated in her workout routine once the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began in March. (FTR, now isn't the time to feel guilty about your workout routine.)

"I haven't really been working out like I normally do," she revealed in a recent YouTube chat with Gucci Westman, a makeup artist and founder of cosmetics line Westman Atelier. "My body could feel [the lack of exercise], and I was like, 'Okay, I'm getting back [into it].'"

The one thing that helped her get back on track? Obé Fitness, an online workout streaming service that Hudson started using over the summer. (

Hudson told Westman that, for the past two months, she's been taking Obé's signature 28-minute classes at least once per day, five days a week. She's done her best to stick to that schedule, squeezing in classes as late as 9 p.m. sometimes, she shared. (

If you're not familiar with the platform, Obé has an abundance of live-stream and on-demand classes, ranging from Pilates, yoga, and strength training to boxing, dance, and HIIT. The classes, which can be anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes long, are suitable for all fitness levels and can be done within the comfort of your home, usually with no equipment besides a mat. Some classes occasionally call for sliders, ankle weights, resistance bands, or light dumbbells. But you should be able to make do with basic household items in lieu of weights if you need something heavy to lift. (

Each day, users can look forward to 22 live-stream workouts or choose from over 4,500 on-demand classes led by a variety of energetic and cheerful trainers. The studio is colorful and bright, too, which definitely helps take some of the "ugh" out of your workouts.

If you're interested in trying the app, you can sign up for a one-week free trial and get unlimited access to all of Obé's content. A monthly subscription will set you back $27, and subscribers have the opportunity to unlock Obé's private Facebook group, which can help you find workout buddies to help hold you accountable.

Even though Hudson is slowly getting back into her workout routine, she's all for taking a break when you need it. "I'm not a strict wellness person," she told Westman. "I understand when it's daunting to people. I also think we need to connect with what we need in a moment. Like you might think you need to work out, but what you really need is to sleep." (

Hudson's approach to her body is pretty laid-back, too: She's all about prioritizing how you feel versus how you look. "Your body changes as you get older, so do you wanna hang on to the jeans you had in high school?" she previously told Shape. "At some point, you want to feel better about your body and you end up getting stronger and you're not necessarily going to be the same body shape."

Moral of the story? When it comes to fitness-life balance, Hudson knows what's up. Check out her entire chat with Westman below, where she talks all-things fitness, makeup, and more:

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