Details On Kate Hudson's Sled Workout, Straight from Her Trainer

The actress recently shared a video of her doing sled pushes (and dancing in between sets) on Instagram.

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Kate Hudson's Instagram followers know she's big on workouts, and sometimes she shares little behind-the-scenes snippets of her sweat sessions with the masses. There was the time she worked on her push-up form and the day she did a suspended plank pose, among others. Last week, the 43-year-old shared a new workout post, and it's equally impressive.

In the recent video, Hudson is dancing in a driveway while gripping a Torque Fitness Tank M1 Push Sled. "Distraction procrastination," reads the text layered over the clip. "We call this the #hudsonsled." (

"It's important to do mobility between each set," jokes Hudson's trainer, Brian Nguyen, in the background, as the actress stands up and twirls around while shaking her booty. Finally, Hudson squats down, grips the push sled, and starts running low to the ground to push the sled forward. "Come on, girl," says Nguyen. "Push forward, push forward!" Hudson gets to garage and stops, saying, "Woo! That was fun," before getting down onto a yoga mat for the next exercise.

"Get it done however you know how… 🏋️‍♀️ #thehudsonsled 😆 @dragonmasterbri 🐉 💪," wrote Hudson in the caption of her post. Nguyen shared the same video on his Instagram page, writing, "Endorphins through beautiful strength."

This isn't the first time Nguyen has shared clips of Hudson with the sled. In fact, it's a regular part of her fitness routine. Nguyen likes to have Hudson do sled pushes and pulls at least once a week because they "work everything," he tells Shape. "It's also just great for separating the legs and hips — your legs have to independently work," he adds. (Psst: Here's how to nail a backwards sled pull.)

Along with sled pushes and pulls, Nguyen has Hudson do other strength-building exercises that "create tension," such as deadlifts, to help her be stronger in everyday life. "Her kids are asking her to play with them; her daughter Rani wants to work out with her," says Nguyen. "She isn't like, 'I want to fit into this.' It's, 'I'm doing habits that are going to keep me strong.'"

Nguyen and Hudson are also "doing heavier lifting" at the moment, and "she's learning more about what muscles she's recruiting," explains the trainer. "Strength is a combination of mobility, stability, tension, agility, and cardio," he says. "A lot of the work we're doing now focuses on all of that."

Nguyen attributes Hudson's success to her positive attitude. "She sets the tone," he says. "She's like, 'Fuck, that's hard, but thank God I get the chance to do it, and my ass looks great." And yup, Hudson dances a lot during their workouts, says Nguyen. "It's her inner dancer coming out," he says. "When I have good music on and she's feeling it, she'll dance."

Looking to take a page from Hudson's book? Nguyen encourages people — especially women — to try using a sled for strength training. "One of the biggest reasons I love sled pulls and pushes is because of the natural upper body strength that is required," he says.

If you have access to a gym with sled, this might be your moment to give it a go. Just be sure you know how to safely do the move (or have a workout buddy or trainer who can show you how it's done). You can always break up sets with a nice dance break too.

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