Watch Kate Upton Do Squat Jumps In the Pool (and More Tough Exercises)

Plus, see how she's mastered the art of the mid-workout nap.

Kate Upton
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Kate Upton proves time and time again that she's up for just about anything when it comes to working out. She's done aerial yoga, gone indoor rock climbing, and even pulled a sled with her trainer, Ben Bruno, riding on top. This week, Bruno shared even more behind-the-scenes footage of some of the actress's recent workouts, and it includes pool exercises and mid-rep naps.

"We all know the importance of rest and recovery, but @kateupton took it to a whole new level and invented the 'mid-workout nap.' This is genius," writes Bruno in the caption of a recent Instagram post. "She's been getting personal records left and right in the gym, so I'm definitely gonna try it out myself and with the rest of my clients. As she likes to say: 'work hard, nap hard.'"

"Work hard, nap hard" definitely seems to be the theme of the trainer's latest Instagram video. First is a shot of Upton doing jump squats in the pool while holding a pool barbell that collects water for added resistance on her shoulders. Although she makes it look easy, working out the pool is no joke, as "the water offers heavy resistance," Igor Porciuncula, the cofounder of Boot Camp H20 in Los Angeles, previously told Shape. Underwater exercises allow you to engage more muscle fibers and burn more calories faster. What's more, water workouts are a form of low-impact cardio, meaning you can get your heart rate up while limiting your risk of joint injury, Shape previously reported.

Next, Upton is back on dry land in the gym for reps of two-handed landmine presses. She holds one end of the barbell in both hands while the other end of the equipment rests on the ground, secured in position by a sturdy base. The actress presses the barbell forward, using a slight bend in her knees to support her throughout the shoulder-building move. (See: Kate Upton Hit a PR While Doing Some Badass Landmine Reverse Lunges)

The next clip shows Upton on the ground for barbell-loaded hamstring body curls. For this exercise, she begins in a bridge pose with her shoulder blades resting on a large slider on the ground and a barbell on top of her raised hips and bent knees. She slides backward, remaining on her heels as she straightens her legs while keeping her lower back off the ground. Then, she bends her knees again to return to starting position. "These hamstring body curls are brutal, even for professional athletes," adds Bruno in a text caption displayed over the clip of Upton doing this tough hamstring exercise.

After that, Bruno cuts to a clip of Upton seemingly closing her eyes for a standing nap in between landmine press sets. There's also a shot of her resting during hamstring body curls with the barbell still on top of her hips. "I'm just taking a little nap," she says, adding, "sleep is recovery."

While there's no doubt sleep is important, you can probably wait until after your workout to catch some well-deserved zzz's.

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