Steal her plyometric move, plus others like it.

By Julia Malacoff
April 17, 2017

While some celebs post about their workout routines on the reg, others keep their fitness regimes more under wraps. That's why we were pretty psyched to see that Katy Perry shared a workout video right as this weekend's Coachella festivities started. Instead of performing, the songstress was just there to have a good time, making it even more impressive that she made time to work out during the trip. It's clear that Perry is getting into the sporty spirit, considering she also wore a sports bra to a Chanel dinner last week (see above photo).

Katy captioned the slow-motion video, "Sculpting cc: @elliegoulding." Since Ellie Goulding is known to be pretty fit herself, this caption has us wondering if they might be secret gym buddies. In which case, #Goals.

If you've ever done a boot-camp class, the move Katy's doing here will probably look familiar to you as a speed skater. Never heard of it? This plyometric exercise is a great way to work your hamstrings, quads, and glutes, all while getting your heart rate up. (It's also one of 7 glute exercises to combat dead butt syndrome.)

So what are plyometrics exactly? Generally, they're exercises where jumping is involved, like a box jump or squat jump. Technically, the category also includes any exercise where you stretch a muscle and then contract it again quickly, like a kettlebell swing or v-up. These types of exercises are great for people who are already active but really want to accelerate or step up their results. (FYI, here's why static stretching is bad for plyometrics.)

"Practicing plyometrics regularly will increase your speed and power, plus get you shredded," Grace Menendez, a trainer at Crunch gyms in NYC told us. In other words, there are some pretty convincing reasons to incorporate them into your workout routine. To get started, check out these or these 4 plank and plyo exercises that work your entire body. If you're looking for something a little harder, try out this plyometric workout that challenges even advanced athletes.