You should totally steal these total-body moves the model and her big sis squeeze in before a trip.

By By Renee Cherry
Updated: August 16, 2017

Being a top model and a part of the Kardashian clan means that Kendall Jenner does a whole lot of traveling. She's made the rounds to Paris, London, and Mykonos just within the last few months...if you haven't been "keeping up." While the seasoned jet-setter really doesn't need to trim down before hopping on a boat (okay, probably a yatcht), who doesn't relate to wanting to feel their best right before they slip on a bathing suit? To get there, she uses a quick set of go-to moves that to prep for a trip when it's down to the wire.

Her older sis Kourtney Kardashian just shared Kendall's eight-move vacation-prep workout on her app, so clearly she's been stealing it too-with pretty incredible results if her Instagram is any indication. (P.S. Kourtney has some go-to moves of her own.)

Kendall's total-body workout incorporates a lot of tried-and-true moves like classic bicycles, mountain climbers, bridges, and squats so you can hit your glutes, abs, thighs, and arms at once. And since the workout takes just over 10 minutes and requires no equipment, it's also perfect for fitting in a workout while you're on a trip.

Even if you don't travel half as much as Kendall (really, what regular gal does?), full hour-long workouts aren't always feasible, so you'll probably find the time-saving circuit useful at some point or another. (You can work out to Kendall's gym playlist, too for the full experience.)

Watch a breakdown of two of the moves below, and then head over to Kourtney's app for the full workout.


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