Get the secret to her awesome abs, toned triceps, and lean legs

By Kristen Aldridge
April 24, 2012

Fitness fanatic and super-sporty sex symbol Kendra Wilkinson has the perfect combo of heart, humor, and beauty. The down-to-earth reality star is truly genetically gifted, but it's refreshing to see she works really hard at it too!

From her popular fitness DVDs to a love of all things active, the bubbly blond stays in tip-top shape with tennis, basketball, dancing, kayaking, snowboarding, and of course-hitting that gym.

With her pre-baby body back (and better than ever!), Wilkinson proves she can be a devoted mommy and a total hottie at the same time. Get the secret to her awesome abs, toned triceps, and lean legs with this fierce and fun, calorie-blasting workout she created exclusively for SHAPE!

Created by: Kendra Wilkinson. Connect with her on Twitter and check out her new show Kendra on Top coming soon to WE tv.

Level: Intermediate

Works: Abs, obliques, glutes, hamstrings, quads, triceps, shoulders, back

Equipment: Exercise mat, jump rope, medicine ball, swiss ball, bench

This workout features the following exercises:

1) Jump Rope (1-minute)

2) X-Chop (20 reps)

3) Medicine Ball Slam (12 reps)

4) Sit-Ups (30 reps)

5) Russian Twist (20 reps)

6) Swiss Ball Jack Knife (15 reps)

7) Triceps Dips (20 reps)

8) Tire Run (30 seconds)

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