She broke down her fitness regimen day by day.

By Renee Cherry
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By now you're well aware that Khloé Kardashian likes to dedicate plenty of time in her schedule to working out. But unless you watch her Snapchat religiously, you probably don't know *exactly* what her typical week looks like. Luckily, for anyone who's curious, the Revenge Body star recently shared her seven-day fitness plan on her app.

Khloé is a proponent of switching things up, "by strength training with a focus on different body parts on different days," which is a smart strategy, since working the same muscle group for multiple days in a row makes it harder for muscles to heal, impeding results. (See: Why Post-Workout Muscle Soreness Hits People at Different Times)

Here's how she blocks out a typical week.

Day 1: Cardio

Khloé starts out the week with cardio, which isn't her fave, so she's all about alternating between running, Rise Nation (which uses a VersaClimber), and the occasional boxing session. FYI, as we previously reported, mixing up your cardio will not only prevent boredom, it'll also keep you from plateauing and increase your endurance at the same time.

Day 2: Legs and Butt

After a dreaded day of cardio comes Khloé's favorite: leg and butt day. To really work your largest muscle groups, try this kettlebell deadlift workout from Khloé's trainer Lyzabeth Lopez.

Day 3: Core

Next, Khloé moves on to her core, focusing on moves that incorporate balance and engage your full body, she says. (See also: The sex position she relies on for a "hardcore core workout.")

Day 4: Cardio

Another one of her go-tos for a killer cardio workout is a spin class at SoulCycle. "There's so much energy and enthusiasm in a class like SoulCycle that you often push yourself further than you thought you could go!" she writes. "If you haven't yet, I highly recommend checking out a spin class in your area."

Day 5: Arms

Khloé says her arms are her least favorite muscle group to work on, since progress is slow. She recommends working out with a partner for motivation. (Try out the arm moves she does with Kourtney.)

Day 6: Total-Body

Next, Khloé goes for a total-body workout. One of her favorite pieces of equipment for a full-body burn? Battle ropes. "They are super intense, but don't let them intimidate you!," she writes. "Just 10 minutes on the ropes is a major workout and makes you feel incredible!"

Day 7: Recovery

After six consecutive days of working out, Khloé takes a rest day. Your rest day should be spent on active recovery and not sitting on your butt. Khloé likes to use the day for stretching, foam rolling, taking a bath, and yoga.

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