We spoke to an expert to see if you really need more than one.

By By Renee Cherry
Updated: August 08, 2017
Photo: CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian has shared many sides of her fitness regimen: her insane closet, her favorite equipment... And now, she's giving some deets on her recovery routine. Spoiler alert: It involves foam rolling.

The star gave a peek at her foam roller collection on Snapchat. First up: the Hyperice Vyper. "I'm all for stretching before and after a workout and this is one of my favorite things. I think any foam roller is great, but this one is super cool," she said in the video, showing off the roller. Just as you'd expect from Khloé, the Vyper is essentially the crème de la crème of foam rollers. It has several vibration settings to help release tight muscles quicker. (Fun fact: Ashton Kutcher gifted Mila Kunis one of these bad boys.)

After showing off her Vyper in action, Khloé moved on to a bumpy foam roller. (You know-the kind that looks painful AF.) "But then I have this guy, who, it's a little more intense because all these like little ridges and nuggets go like deeper into your muscle," she explains.

The bumps indeed make for a deeper massage. "Bumpy foam rollers allow you to really kind of dig in and pinpoint a specific area," says Jason Barone, D.P.T., partner and regional clinical director at Professional Physical Therapy in Wilton, CT. (Here's exactly how to use a bumpy roller if you're still iffy.) A majority of the time, a smooth, low-density roller will probably suit your needs just fine, but a bumpy one can offer more depth if you feel increased tightness in a muscle, Barone says.

As a rule, if you're feeling a whole lot of pain when foam rolling, you need to go softer. "You shouldn't be in excruciating pain," he says. "That's not the purpose of foam rolling." So if you don't have a collection of souped-up rollers like Khloé does, most of the time, a basic soft foam roller is A-OK.



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