Khloé Kardashian Served Up Serious Motivation with Her Latest Instagram Post

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum also told her Instagram followers how they can shop her workout look.

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When it comes to workout videos, Khloé Kardashian's Instagram page is chock full of high-energy content. Known for being famously fierce in the gym, the 37-year-old reality star frequently mixes things up during her sweat sessions, blending cardio and strength training in ways that could potentially inspire any one of her 177 million followers. (Casual, right?)

Over the weekend, Kardashian shared an Instagram video from a recent workout with trainer Joël Bouraïma, which consisted of three circuits that she repeated four times each. ICYDK, circuit training involves cycling through a bunch of exercises, each of which usually aims to target different muscle groups. The kicker here is you don't rest in between, so you end up exerting tons of energy until you're low-key exhausted. (For more, check out the difference between circuit training and interval training.)

To begin her latest session, Kardashian warmed up on the StairMaster, adding in a series of backward kicks to prepare her body for the main event. And as tempting as it may be to just dive right into exercising, you may want to follow Kardashian's lead in getting your muscles warmed up; working out with cold muscles can throw off your form or up your risk of injury.

Next, Kardashian posted snippets of the intense circuit workouts, and honestly, your butt muscles will probably quiver just watching her go. In her first circuit, Kardashian incorporated six full-body moves, beginning with 10 weighted squats. Holding a kettlebell, Kardashian challenged her balance by elevating her heels with a dumbbell beneath each one. Adding weight via a kettlebell increases the demand on your muscles, while elevating your heels puts a different emphasis on muscles compared to a flat-footed squat. (

Kardashian then turned her attention to deadlifts with a trap barbell, which is a classic full-body exercise that works the hamstrings, glutes, calves, and core, among others. She later completed 10 kneeling lat pull-downs using a double-cable machine. In her Instagram caption, Kardashian noted to keep the "abs tight" and "shoulders down" in order to get a "full stretch" of the movement, which works the latissimus dorsi muscle (aka, the big back muscles that stretch from your armpit to your hip). (FYI: Lizzo loves this move during her tour workouts.)

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum next slayed 10 seated dumbbell shoulder presses while sitting on a mat on the floor. Then, to cap off her first circuit, Kardashian did one minute of jump roping before 30 seconds of hanging abs from a double-cable machine. (

For the second circuit, Kardashian focused on more weighted strength moves. She began with 10 single-arm snatches per side — a killer total-body move that helps you improve your power — using a 20-pound weight. Next, she did 10 creative front-weighted squats holding a trap barbell in horizontally in front of her body. Kardashian noted that she focused on keeping her "back straight, traps down, [and] tummy tight," in her Instagram caption. (

Kardashian then moved on to a few classics, including 10 rows on an incline bench and 15 kettlebell tricep pushes. For the kettlebell tricep pushes, Kardashian rested her back on an incline bench while holding a kettlebell in both hands — similar to a bench press. Next, she hopped on a treadmill for 30-second side gallops, completing a set on each side for a total of one minute. To complete her second circuit, Kardashian got on an ab coaster for another core-crushing move. She did 20 reps of crunches on the ab coaster with a 20-pound medicine ball between her legs. (Looking for another way to target abs? Check out this workout for a stronger core.)

Exhausted yet? Don't worry, there's more. For Kardashian's final circuit, she completed two moves that each included a fun twist. To kick things off, she began with 10 weighted burpees. She held a medicine ball in her hands throughout the move, but modified it by doing the plank with the ball on a flat workout bench instead of lowering all the way to the floor. Kardashian then crossed the finish line, so to speak, with 10 incline mountain climbers with her hands on the bench. (ICYDK, mountain climbers are another solid low-impact move to get your blood pumping without killing your joints.)

Looking to channel your inner Kardashian for your next workout? Not to worry, Khloé's got you covered. At the conclusion of Sunday's Instagram post, Kardashian detailed her workout ensemble, appearing to call out the Good American Jacquard Slim Racer Bra (Buy It, $35, in black. Kardashian also wore classic black tights from Nike that look to be the Nike One Luxe Mid-Rise Leggings (Buy It, $90, She completed the look with her beloved black-and-white Nike Women's Lunareclipse 5 kicks. And while the exact pair seems to be out of stock, the Nike Revolution 5 (Buy It, $65, should provide similar lightweight support and breathability to carry you through your very own Khloé-approved circuit set.

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