After an exhausting day, she shared some celebratory mirror selfies.

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Kim Kardashian West wants her legs to match up to her famous booty - and she's putting in the work to make it happen. The 37-year-old reality star documented her gym session on Snapchat, revealing that it was her third workout of the day.

"I went boxing earlier, I did the treadmill earlier, and now legs," she revealed while taking a selfie video in the mirror donning her workout attire, a white top and black fitness pants. She also candidly added, "F-, I'm so tired." (Related: Why Is Kim Kardashian Wearing a Garbage Bag Sweatsuit to Lose Weight?)

While gearing up for the exercise routine with her trainer, Kardashian West spoke about why she was so dedicated to the workout despite her fatigue. After all, she is now a mom of three-daughter North, 4, son Saint, 2, and daughter Chicago, 3 months.

"I'm doing legs and I'm so tired, but I'm going to push through this. I did cardio earlier and I really gotta work on building my legs. That's my thing," she explained. "I really want to build my legs. I have such small legs and such a big butt, so I want it to even out and it's been really working. So I can't stop just because I'm tired."

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star then shows off a few of her moves, excitedly pointing out the muscles in her thigh popping as she goes.

She then celebrated the end of her workout with a mirror selfie captioned "DONE."

The KKW Beauty mogul didn't have to look far for inspiration on her new KKW Body fragrance bottle design. Her latest fragrance comes in a sculpture-shaped bottle molded from the shape of her actual body. (Related: The One Skincare Product Kim Kardashian Uses Every Single Day)

In addition, Kardashian West has spent the past few days posting a series of suggestive nude images to promote her fragrance.

"We took a mold of my body and made it a perfume bottle," she captioned one revealing image.

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