Kristen Bell Says This Pilates Studio Offers the "Hardest Class She's Ever Taken"

"The worst part about this class is the walk back to the car because my legs are shaking so much."

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If you've been venturing back out to gyms and studio classes, you're not alone (but it's also totally understandable if you're not comfortable doing that just yet!). Kristen Bell recently visited Studio Metamorphosis in California, and she shared some awe-inspiring time-lapse clips of a Pilates-based workout that she called "truly the hardest class [she's] ever taken."

The Good Place alum shared a series of videos of her workout class to her Instagram Stories, writing that she was "so excited" to be back in the studio after "over a year" away. (ICYMI, Bell just got real about easing back into workouts after a slump.)

The clips show Bell and the rest of the class masked up while performing sit-ups, dolphin push-ups, donkey kicks, squats, and much more on Pilates reformers. If you're not familiar with the contraption, a Pilates reformer typically consists of a flat, cushioned, moving carriage with shoulder blocks for stability and comfort, platforms with springs to aid in movement, and resistance straps. When used in tandem, you can work muscles you probably never even knew you had. As Bell put it in her IG Stories: "I know it looks like we're not doing much movement but it's truly the hardest class I've ever taken. The worst part about this class is the walk back to the car because my legs are shaking so much."

In addition to Pilates reformer workouts, Studio Metamorphosis also offers treadmill-based classes and virtual home workout classes — all of which combine strength and cardio work to help increase flexibility, strength, core balance, and endurance.

In a previous interview with Shape, Bell described the workouts as "basically a cross between Pilates and CrossFit" and "pretty much the worst the class" she's ever taken. "There are much heavier weights and stronger resistance compared to a traditional Pilates class, with the goal being to put your body into muscle exhaustion," Bell told us. "By the end, you're basically shaking and falling off the machine." (

If that sounds like it's right up your alley, Studio Metamorphosis currently offers indoor classes at its Los Feliz studio, outdoor classes in Pasadena, and a variety of live virtual classes that can be done even if you aren't lucky enough to have a reformer in your home gym. Class prices start at $15, depending on which one you take and whether you're aiming for a single class or a bundle.

Looking for other ways to get the same burn as Bell? Try this at-home Pilates workout that's perfect for when you've been sitting all day.

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