Lizzo Is Using This Underrated Fitness Equipment to Step Up Her Home Workouts

You can even use the device while you WFH.

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Lizzo attends the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards at Staples Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, CA
Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

This past spring, snagging home gym equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands became an unforeseen challenge for fitness enthusiasts, as more and more people began crafting their perfect at-home workout routine to stay healthy — and sane — during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

If you still haven't gotten the goodies you need — or are simply looking for ways to shake up your routine now that we're firmly into this "new normal" — let Lizzo be your guide. She shared a glimpse at her recent workouts on TikTok, and her sweat session included an unexpected piece of fitness equipment: a balance board.

The compilation video shows the "Truth Hurts" singer hopping on a home exercise bike, then she crushes some plank jacks and leg lifts, followed by biceps curls and reverse flys with resistance bands. But another clip in the video shows Lizzo standing — literally, just standing — on a balance board.

How can standing on a balance board count as a workout, you ask? Well, it's a lot harder than it might look. Generally speaking, as its name suggests, a balance board helps you work on your balance. There are lots of different types of balance boards out there, but typically the device features a flat board on top (the part you stand on), and the board sits on top of some type of fulcrum, making it difficult to maintain stability when standing on the device.

Basically, the point of using a balance board is to make simple exercises more difficult without added weight resistance, Equinox trainer Rachel Mariotti previously told Shape. "If you're looking to challenge yourself more with push-ups or squats, this is a great tool to use," she shared. (

But even straight-up standing on a balance board (à la Lizzo) can be a challenging workout, too. ICYDK, balance and stability training, in general, is crucial for your daily functional movements (think: household chores, yard work, etc.), not to mention it can help you avoid painful injuries as you go about your day. Mariotti recommended trying 3 sets of 30-second standing balance holds to improve your ankle stability and overall balance. Trust, it's way harder than Lizzo makes it look. (Here's why runners, especially, need balance and stability training.)

Inspired by Lizzo's balancing act and want to snag a balance board of your own? The Gruper Wobble Balance Board (Buy It, $39, boasts several five-star ratings from reviewers who love using it not just for workouts, but also as part of a standing desk setup. "Wonderful for working at a standing desk. I stand on it all day long," wrote one reviewer. Granted, the same reviewer noted that "it will seem difficult and too distracting" at first to balance on the board while you work. But a little practice (and, TBH, a lot of patience) can go a long way. "[Now] my feet don't get tired, I don't get bored, and I can't stay in a bad position for long," continued the reviewer. "Working this way has reduced my back and knee pain and increased my concentration." (

Another option: the StrongTek Professional Wooden Balance Board (Buy It, $35, The lightweight board features an easy-grip surface on top (perfect for bare feet, if that's your preference) and anti-slip padding on the curved bottom fulcrum, providing great protection for your floor.

Looking for even more options? These balance boards are sure to work you to the core.

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