Mandy Moore Gives Herself a 'Pass' When She Doesn't Have Time to Work Out, and So Should You

The actress, singer, and mom shared her balanced approach to fitness in a recent interview.

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There's no doubt Mandy Moore stays busy. The actress has been starring in the hit TV show This Is Us for the last six years, has a one-year-old son, and has been working on new music (her latest album is set to take the "Candy" singer on tour this year). So, how does Moore's workout routine fit into her packed schedule? The 38-year-old shared how she's approaching fitness these days in a recent interview with Bustle.

"I've given myself a little bit of a pass to not be on my workout game as much," said Moore in the interview. Currently, her favorite workouts aren't long, intense training sessions, but activities she can do outside and with her family. "If I can go on a daily walk with the family, then I'm doing my part," she said. And yes, that includes her dog and son, Gus.

Moore also wants to add more hiking to her routine to "feel more connected to the outdoors," which is just one of many benefits of the activity. "I love to feel grounded and sort of slowly climb uphill. That's my favorite thing," she told Bustle.

As for indoor activities, Moore enjoys hopping on her Peloton bike for a ride when she has the time. Unfortunately, she didn't share who her favorite instructor is. (

One thing is clear: Moore seems to prioritize balance in her workout routine, whether that means doing different types of exercises or letting herself take "a pass" as needed. That's wise, since rest and recovery days are an important part of any fitness routine. In fact, exercising too much without adequate rest can "cause sleep disturbances, an impaired immune system, and mental fatigue," Alissa Rumsey, C.S.C.S., R.D., a personal trainer and nutritionist in New York, previously told Shape.

As for other ways Moore takes care of herself when she finds the time, the actress enjoys taking baths, according to the recent interview. She uses Epsom salt or bath bombs and likes to have crystals, candles, and wine or tea by her side while listening to music or a podcast. (

She's also not afraid to try buzzy wellness trends, including float therapy. The activity involves floating in an enclosed tank for sensory deprivation in the name of relaxing and de-stressing. "It's wild and so much fun," said Moore in the Bustle interview. "You're just alone with your thoughts, and it's so inherently relaxing. That's something I would love to incorporate into my life more often, but I can't find the time."

If your work and personal life have been getting in the way of your regularly scheduled workouts or self-care activities, let Moore's balanced approach serve as a reminder that it's okay to take breaks and go easy on yourself as needed.

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