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Tess Holliday and Massy Arias Are Officially Our Favorite New Workout Duo

ICYMI, Tess Holliday is now working with trainer Massy Arias. We're kinda geeking out over the fact that the two are working together since we're equally obsessed with Holliday's body-positive realness and Arias' inspirational outlook on fitness.

Curious about what happens when the two badass women meet for a good sweat sesh? They both just shared footage of a recent workout using water jugs as weights—genius. (Related: Homemade Weights That Will Enhance Your Workout On a Budget)

You can see that Arias had Holliday go through a circuit that used the makeshift weights to swing the bottles as if doing a double kettlebell swing. Then she used a single bottle for an overhead raise and chest press combo. Finally, she did bird dogs, glute bridge chest presses, and lying alternating toe taps. (Related: Emily Skye Shares Her Favorite Kettlebell Exercises for a Better Butt)


@massy.arias kicked my butt today! Not gonna lie to y’all- Seeing my body from some of these angles made me feel badly at first, & then had to remind myself who I am I’m fat & fooooooineAlso my sports bra says “Women don’t owe men shit.” & it’s by @kidd.bell .. RP @massy.arias - “#WCW @tessholliday We are putting in work. Here are some of the moves we worked on today. Emphasis is on strengthening her core and complex movements that require different muscles so we burn burn burn. Pay attention to the core moves as they are staple when trying to build a strong core (specially my mamas out there). The goal to a successful fit journey is to make sustainable goals. Start small, and build from it. Keep growing by learning your body. Make it fun! This is only the beginning, and I’m so proud of this woman!” #mawarrior #effyourbeautystandards #robynforever

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When choosing the moves, Arias focused on core-strengthening and complex moves because they "require different muscles so we burn burn burn," Arias wrote in her caption. (It's true: Complex moves burn more calories since they incorporate multiple muscle groups.)

True to form, Holliday kept it real when posting the workout to her 1.6 million Instagram followers. In her caption, she admitted to feeling iffy about the video when she first saw it. "Not gonna lie to y'all—Seeing my body from some of these angles made me feel badly at first, and then had to remind myself who I am," she wrote in her caption. (Here's how Holliday boosts her body confidence on bad days.)

Thanks to her #effyourbeautystandards movement, Holliday is one of the most recognizable faces of the body-positive space. By posting her workout, she's showing the haters that self- and body-love and fitness aren't mutually exclusive. (Whether the two are compatible is a hot topic within the body-positive movement.) There are so many reasons to work out that have nothing to do with changing how you look, and Holliday's main goal is to "get stronger," according to Arias' recent Instagram post.

Holliday and Arias first revealed they're working together in matching Instagram posts two weeks ago. Alongside a photo of themselves flexing after Holliday's first session, they each praised the other. "Our view points align that every BODY is valid, that size isn't an indicator of health & we are both feminists raising tiny lil feminists to rule the world!" Holliday wrote about Arias. "When I first started following Tess, I was both attracted and in love with her message about body confidence; we need more of it," Arias wrote in her own post. (Related: Massy Arias Explains the #1 Thing People Get Wrong When Setting Fitness Goals)


#wcw The start of something magical @tessholliday . I am ready to start this journey with this amazing human. When I first started following Tess, I was both attracted and in love with her message about body confidence; we need more of it. Yesterday was our first workout. She killed it. Not only with her physical effort, but her mental energy. Mindset is everything, and when I asked her what her goal was, her response was “TO GET STRONGER”. Stay tuned. We’re going to inspire the world. #loveyourself #girlpower #bodyconfidence #childofGod _____________________________________________________ El comienzo de algo mágico @tessholliday . Estoy feliz de comenzar este viaje con esta increíble mujer. Cuando comencé a seguir a Tess, me sentí atraída y enamorada de su mensaje sobre tener confianza en quien eres ; Necesitamos más de eso. Ayer fue nuestro primer entrenamiento. No solo con su esfuerzo físico, sino también con su energía mental, terminó la sesión. Me dejo impresionada. La mentalidad lo es todo, y cuando le pregunté cuál era su objetivo, su respuesta fue "SER MÁS FUERTE". Manténganse al tanto. Vamos a inspirar al mundo #amateatimismo #hijadecristo

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It's safe to say that we're as inspired by both women as they seem to be by each other.


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