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Maximize Your Weight Loss with Michael George's "Functional and Fit" Workout Plan


George, who has trained Reese Witherspoon, Julianne Moore, Sela Ward, and Meg Ryan to name a few, shares some of his celebrity fitness secrets with this "Sculpt and Shape Workout."

Created by: Celebrity trainer Michael George of

Level:  Intermediate

Works:  Abs, legs, glutes, triceps, shoulders, chest, arms

Equipment:  Exercise mat; step; dumbbells; barbell

Transform your body and your life with trainer to the stars, personal health coach, fitness expert, and author Michael George! 

How to do it: His routine will work your abs, legs, glutes, triceps, shoulders, chest and arms. All exercises should be performed as a circuit with 30 seconds to 1-minute rest in between sets. Complete two sets.

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