Celebs Are Singing Their Way Through Cardio to Train Their Vocals *and* Their Muscles

Miley Cyrus kicked off the trend when she shared videos of her training for her Super Bowl LV TikTok Tailgate performance.

ICYMI, Miley Cyrus absolutely crushed her performance at the Super Bowl LV TikTok Tailgate, a live concert that aired via the NFL's TikTok account before the big game on February 7. Throughout the hour-long concert, Cyrus danced around in a glittery black and pink football jersey while showing off her powerful vocals in fan-favorite songs like "The Climb" and "Angels Like You".

If you're wondering how Cyrus maintains her stamina during these high-energy performances, the 28-year-old singer has recently been training her vocals in a rather unconventional way: by singing and running at the same time. In the days leading up to her TikTok Tailgate show, Cyrus shared two videos that show her belting out entire songs while simultaneously running on a Peloton treadmill. Take a look:

In one clip, Cyrus takes a brisk walk while singing her song, "Plastic Hearts", hitting every single note with ease. In another video, she amps things up by running and singing "Rebel Girl" by the band Bikini Kill, followed by her own song "Angels Like You". (Here's how J. Lo and Shakira prepped for their Super Bowl LIV performance in 2020.)

In the background, someone (presumably Cyrus' voice coach) is heard asking the singer to "match the pace" to the rhythm of each song — and she keeps up, no problem. Toward the end of one of the videos, another person is heard complimenting Cyrus saying, "That's an athlete right there." (#Facts.)

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TBH, breathing while running, in general, is hard. There are so many techniques and methods that can help you maximize performance benefits without getting totally winded along the way. But to add singing into the mix? That calls for a whole different level of strength and endurance. (

Cyrus' impressive treadmill performance has inspired singers and cardio enthusiasts alike, including Lizzo, who decided to try the workout herself in an Instagram video. The 32-year-old pop star took a cue from Cyrus and hopped on her own Peloton treadmill to sing her hit song "Cuz I Love You" while jogging.

"I'm doing this for all the big girls out there," she's heard saying at the beginning of the video. "They said we couldn't do it!"

In the three-minute clip, Lizzo showed off her impressive vocals and shared a whole new appreciation for Cyrus' version of vocal training. "I'm tireeeeeed... Cuz I Love Yooooouuu," Lizzo captioned the video. "I saw @mileycyrus running and singing on a treadmill, so I ran and sang on a treadmill. It was fetch. And F---ING HARD."

Cyrus then reposted Lizzo's video to her own Instagram Story saying: "I love you more! When I'm back from the Super Bowl, We gonna try doing this sh-- IN MASKS! Letsssss goooooooo!" Now that is a collab worth waiting for.

The latest celeb to hop on the cardio-singing trend is Alicia Keys. She posted a video of her riding her Peloton bike while singing her hit song "Superwoman".

"I saw Miley. I saw Lizzo. And we are superwomen, so I figured, let me try this thing," Keys said at the beginning of her video. "It's hard already," she joked just before she started singing.

Naturally, though, Keys killed it — and her Instagram followers couldn't agree more. "I sing on my Peloton but [it] sounds nothing like this," commented one person (honestly, same). "Wow! LUNGS! Diaphragm!" read another comment.

Even Peloton gave the singer a shoutout: "Yes, you are a superwoman!" reads a comment from the brand's official Instagram account.

Want to channel Keys' superwoman energy? Turn on your favorite workout playlist and try this 30-minute stationary bike workout.

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