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Molly Sims' Lower-Body Workout

Booty Call: Molly Sims' Favorite Lower-Body Workout

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Molly Sims may have genes to thank for her long legs, but that tight tush and those toned thighs? She’s earned ’em. The Project Accessory host exercises every day, including four weekly workouts with Maria Kelling, a Tracy Anderson Method trainer. While the dance-inspired sessions sculpt her entire body, the focus is often on Molly’s lower half— and these three moves are always in the rotation. They target the legs and butt from multiple angles, so every part gets attention; and the higher-than-usual reps (up to 40 of each exercise) fully tire out the muscles, which is key for strengthening. Do these three times a week and show your DNA who’s boss!

The Plan

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How it works: Do 1 set of 30 to 40 reps of each exercise, in order, on one side. repeat the entire series on the opposite side.

You'll need: A mat.

Butt Blaster

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Works: butt, legs, and core

Get on all fours with tops of feet on mat. Raise right arm straight up toward ceiling as you rotate palm to the right [a]. Place right hand on mat again, then raise right leg to hip height behind you as you bring left hand behind neck [b]. Return to starting position.

Pretzel Arabesque

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Works: butt, legs, chest, and core

Get on all fours with tops of feet on mat. Bring right knee behind left leg [a], then lower onto left forearm as you extend right leg at a diagonal behind you [b]. Return to starting position.

Side-Lying Knee-In

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Works: butt and outer thighs

Lie on your left side with left elbow bent, weight on fore- arm, and right hand on mat in front of you. Bend knees, place right foot behind left ankle, and raise left foot, toes pointed. Lift right knee [a], then extend right leg out at a diagonal to the side [b]. Bend right knee and repeat, keeping left calf raised the entire time. Return to starting position.


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