Her latest workout is insanely tough.

By Julia Malacoff
March 14, 2017

Fashion industry "it" girl and body positivity advocate Ashley Graham is a role model in *so* many ways. Not only does she have zero filter when it comes to what it was like to feel like an outsider in the modeling world, but she also has an amazingly positive attitude toward health and fitness in general (her level of fitspo is pretty much of out of control). The woman even has a Barbie modeled after her.

That's why when her trainer, Dawin Peña of Dogpound gym in NYC, shared a video of their latest workout, we were seriously impressed by how hardcore it was-but not at all surprised. In addition to some mind-boggling agility work involving a slider mat, push-ups, and a tennis ball, Ashley can throw a heavy hammer around like it's NBD. In the last exercise shown, she does sprints against the resistance of a huge band that Peña is holding. None of this looks easy. (Want to experiment with this equipment? Check out this resistance band interval workout to speed up your metabolism.)

Over on Ashley's account, she shared some workout "confessions" to lighten the mood while she did those resistance band running drills. In the video, you can hear Peña saying, "Come on, Ashley!" Her response? "I'm going as fast as I can! I had a cupcake last night. It was chocolate with white frosting." She's clearly joking about the night before's cupcake impacting her speed, but her sentiment is totally relatable, since doing a really hard workout the morning after indulging is usually a recipe for a difficult workout. Oof. The best part about this, though, is that anyone who's done tough workouts knows that a few laughs can make all the difference when it comes to making it through the hardest intervals. Looks like Ashley knows how to keep things fun in the gym, adding yet another reason to the list of why she's our dream workout partner. (Not sure about the whole workout partner thing? Here's why having a fitness buddy is the best thing ever.)