Watch Rebel Wilson Demonstrate How to Use a Giant Bottle of Vodka for a Legit Arm Workout

In case you need ideas while you wait for that delivery of home workout equipment.

Rebel Wilson attends the "Cats" photocall at The Corinthia Hotel on December 13, 2019 in London, England
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Admit it: Since going into quarantine in March, you've probably used random items around the house as makeshift weights for your workouts (think: water jugs, wine bottles, and heavy books), thanks to a surge in sales of home gym equipment that caused everything from dumbbells to resistance bands to go out of stock.

Rebel Wilson has been getting crafty with her strength workouts, too — even when she's enjoying a glamorous getaway on a yacht.

In a new Instagram post, Wilson shared a video of herself living it up on the water in Monaco. The video opens with her holding a massive bottle — 4.5 liters, to be exact — of Grey Goose vodka. But instead of pouring herself a glass, Wilson uses the nearly 10-pound bottle to squeeze in a few quick upper-body workouts, calling it her "Monaco routine."

"Basically we're just gonna work the biceps," Wilson says in the video as she begins with a round of biceps curls, one of the best moves for building a strong upper body. (

Then Wilson moved on to doing standing overhead presses with the vodka bottle, recommending "a slight bend in the knee" for this one. Whether you're using a giant bottle of alcohol or a pair of dumbbells, overhead presses can help strengthen just about everything above the waist. Plus, when you do them in a standing (rather than seated) position, the exercise then requires you to stabilize not just your upper body, but also your core and legs, "which translates to epic core strength," Clay Ardoin, D.P.T., C.S.C.S., co-founder of SculptU, a medical fitness training facility in Houston, previously told Shape.

Next in Wilson's "Monaco routine": overhead triceps extensions. "This is great for the upper under-arms," Wilson said in her video. If you want to amp up the intensity of this arm workout when you try it at home, add some pulsing reps to your set, which will "create more time under tension" for the triceps muscles, Mike Donavanik, a Los Angeles-based personal trainer, previously told Shape.

Wilson's final "workout" was more for the LOLs than for actual fitness advice. In the clip, she can be seen running while hoisting the Grey Goose bottle over one shoulder, suggesting that her followers run up and down stairs with added weight. (FTR, here's how to actually get a crazy good stair-climber workout, since running with a bottle of vodka probably isn't a trainer-approved exercise.)

All jokes aside, Wilson has shown serious commitment to her fitness routine since declaring 2020 her "year of health" back in January. She's been trying all kinds of new workouts, including hiking, boxing, tire flipping, and even surfing.

If you're inspired by Wilson's motivation but you're still on the home-workout grind, you don't necessarily need a big bottle of Grey Goose to feel the burn. Here's your guide to using household items for a serious workout.

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