Watch Rebel Wilson Ride Waves Like a Total Pro In Her First Surf Lesson

The video of her celebrating after catching one of her first waves is too cute.

Ever since she declared 2020 her "year of health," Rebel Wilson has been absolutely slaying the fitness game. She's been testing her strength in tons of different ways, from laidback hiking and walking to intense boxing and tire flipping.

Further proving there's no feat she can't accomplish, Wilson shared snippets of her first surfing lesson — during which she managed to stand up on a surfboard on her first try. NBD, right?

In addition to a couple of cute still shots on the beach, Wilson posted videos of her first few times riding the waves in Malibu, California. Like a natural, she paddled out and caught the waves, popping up on the surfboard with impressive ease. In one of the clips, you can even see her pumping her arms in celebration as she rides her way to shore.

"First ever surf lesson in Malibu," Wilson captioned the post. "Thanks to my 'BU crew for having my back and teaching me the way of the waves x." (

Surfing definitely isn't your average workout. The sport requires intense focus — not to mention the ability to remain calm as you're literally tossed into the water — for even the most seasoned pros.

And there's certainly no denying the physical demands of the workout. Surfing challenges your core and legs (including quads, hamstrings, and glutes) while simultaneously testing your endurance, power, coordination, and flexibility. (Check out these 14 surfing tips for first-timers before you put on your wetsuit.)

Plus, even if you end up spending more time paddling or swimming back to shore than you do actually standing on the board (no shame!), you're still getting a good workout. Paddling through the waves targets your shoulders and back, and swimming helps to boost your cardiovascular health without straining your joints, all while building muscle in your shoulders, chest, back, and legs. (If you're lucky enough to have access to a pool, here are the best pool exercises for a full-body workout.)

Even though Wilson lamented the fact that she couldn't wait to get back to her normal fitness routine at the start of the coronavirus pandemic (#relatable), it seems she's figured out how to reap the mental and physical benefits of trying new workouts (while casually looking like a surfing pro on her first try). #Fitnessgoals indeed.

Inspired by Wilson's surf lesson but can't exactly ~hang ten~ right now because of COVID? Try these surf-inspired exercises to sculpt lean muscle.

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