Rita Ora Crushes This Style of '3-6-9' AMRAP Workout 'Everyday'

You'll want to steal this style of pyramid workout for your next gym session.

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As an endlessly busy singer, host, model, and casual jetsetter, Rita Ora somehow manages to squeeze in regular sweat sessions — and when you see a glimpse into her latest upper body-focused workout, you'll be fully inspired to tackle a circuit inspired by the singer. (

Ora's trainer, Sydney-based Wade Farmer, recently took to his Instagram Story to share a glimpse into a workout in which the pair was joined by Rita's sister, Elena Ora. In a caption, Farmer gave some details about the three moves the Ora sisters tackled, revealing that it was a fast-and-furious 10-minute AMRAP session. ICYDK, AMRAP stands for "as many reps as possible." Rather than completing reps for time, during an AMRAP workout, you strive to accomplish as many reps as you can during a given timeframe. The style of training can help you keep your heart rate up throughout your workout, and allows you to complete the number of reps that provides a challenge without forcing you to sacrifice form.

Farmer noted that they used a 3-6-9 style workout, which calls for performing three rounds of a three-move circuit. In the first round, you complete three repetitions of each move, in the second round, you bump it up to six reps. In the third round of the circuit, you hit nine reps of all three moves. If you get through all three rounds and there's still time on the clock, you can start from the top. (

Farmer shared that the first exercise in the circuit was a spin on the air bike (commonly referred to by a popular brand name, the "Assault Bike"). Staying on the bike long enough to burn five calories counted as one rep within the 3-6-9 workout. The bike features a fan that generates wind resistance, meaning the harder you pedal, the harder pedaling gets. Using the machine doesn't just burn calories — the resistance can help strengthen your chest, back, arms, abs, and obliques as you push and pull the bike's handles to generate more power and speed.

Next up, the siblings crushed a series of bridged triceps extensions. The move involves placing feet hip-width apart with knees bent at 90-degree angles, and shoulders propped onto a workout bench, as if holding the top of a hip thrust. While keeping your lower body engaged, you perform skull crushers, extending your arms above your chest then hinging at your elbows to bend and straighten your arms. When performed with a bench as such, skull crushers require more effort to engage your glutes and keep your core tight compared to performing the move on a mat.

Lastly, Farmer noted that Rita and Elena tackled "dip support crunches." Though he didn't specify, he may have been referring to an exercise that involves propping yourself onto a dip bar and lifting and lowering your knees to work your core. (

If that all sounds intense, it seems the Voice Australia judge takes everything in stride. She shared the clip to her own Instagram Stories, simply writing, "Everyday !!!" as her caption. And that, friends, is how it's done.

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