The singer's longtime trainer, Anna Kaiser is helping her get in her best shape before the show.

By Renee Cherry
December 10, 2019
Noam Galai/Stringer/Getty Images

If Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are going to perform in the Super Bowl, you know it's about to be an insane show. With Super Bowl LIV about seven weeks away, both performers are going all-in on their preparation. The game's iconic halftime show musical performance, which has featured artists like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga in the past, is typically about 15 minutes long. Performers not only sing live that entire time, they also run through incredibly energetic, choreographed dance routines—with a casual audience of nearly 100 million viewers. To say the least, the gig requires a lot of prep.

J. Lo has been rehearsing since September, fiancé Alex Rodriguez told Today. Shakira is likewise working hard, and her trainer Anna Kaiser gave Shape the details on her current fitness routine. (Related: The Quick 12-Minute Abs Workout You Can Do Anywhere)

Kaiser, who's also worked with Karlie Kloss and Sarah Jessica Parker, has been training Shakira for 10 years (since her She Wolf video). To help the singer get ready for her Super Bowl show, Kaiser says she's been taking Shakira through some of the workouts offered at her AKT studios, which are known for their focus on dance-based cardio. Kaiser says she's mainly incorporating two of her four signature workouts: "Dance", which alternates between choreographed dance sections and strength intervals, and "Tone", which Kaiser describes as "45 minutes of muscular endurance burnout" or "barre meets Pilates meets core conditioning." (BTW, here's why core strength is so important.)

Shakira's schedule varies, but she'll typically fit in 4–5 workouts per week, explains Kaiser. On top of those workouts, Shakira often has dance rehearsals which are obviously exhausting workouts in themselves, adds the trainer. (Related: Strengthen Your Core with This Viral Dance Move Workout)

In addition to her workouts, Kaiser says she has a hand in Shakira's diet. The trainer tells Shape she favors eating small meals throughout the day to keep energy levels up. "I work with Shakira's chef to create meals and snacks," she says. "It's all about real food, she doesn't like supplementing. She wants it to be really good, fresh food and no shortcuts." (Here's the expert take on eating small meals throughout the day.)

Shakira is the type who likes to set new goals and focus on advancing toward them, explains Kaiser. The trainer says she gave the singer an InBody machine, a body composition analyzer that provides measures like skeletal muscle mass and body fat percentage. She also uses a heart rate monitor while she's exercising. "Knowing if your body is changing, if you're getting results, and how hard you're working in class is super important," explains Kaiser. Shakira has a constant desire to become "her best, strongest, most confident self," she says. (Related: 5 Smart Scales That Tell You More About Your Body Than Just Your Weight)

As the big game draws closer, Kaiser says she plans on ramping up Shakira's training. "I will probably meet her at least one more time and do a sort of intensive preparation," she says. She can confirm that everyone's in for a hell of a show: "There's definitely going to be a performance."



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