Her fitness routine looks refreshingly fun.

By Renee Cherry
August 31, 2017
Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Shakira's about to set out on her El Dorado world tour, and she's been working hard to get ready. (Hey, all that belly dancing takes a lot of stamina!) Her most recent workout of choice? Swimming.

The singer recently shared a video on Instagram after taking a late-night swim. At an hour when most people would be sleeping, Shakira was doing some dolphin kicks across a pool. "Whatever it takes to prep for #ElDoradoWorldTour, even swimming at midnight Rocky style!" she captioned the clip.

A day earlier, the singer shared another aspect of her training: crunches. "Getting ready for tour! Trying to get in shape," she wrote. (Want to follow suit? Try these rotational moves to sculpt some serious obliques.)

Though she hasn't posted any dance videos recently, we bet moving to music is the main part of her regimen. Dancing has always been Shakira's workout of choice–It's her favorite way to break a sweat.


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