Shay Mitchell and Kelsey Heenan Want You to Kick Off a 4-Week Fitness Journey with Them

They're here to help you clear the fog of 2020 with their 4 Weeks of Focus program.

Photo: Openfit

It's not a stretch to say that most people are glad to leave 2020 behind. And as we head into the new year, a lot of uncertainty remains, which makes setting any type of New Year's resolution challenging — especially when it comes to your workout routine. But whether your local fitness studio is still boarded up or you don't quite feel comfortable going back to the gym, that doesn't mean you can't press the reset button right from the comfort of your home. In fact, that's exactly what Shay Mitchell and trainer Kelsey Heenan are here to help you do. (Another way to hit refresh after 2020? Shape's 21-day workout program with obé.)

In partnership with the digital fitness platform Openfit, Mitchell and Heenan are launching 4 Weeks of Focus, a new month-long workout program. It'll consist of five workouts per week, with classes ranging from 25 to 30 minutes. Workouts will include "a challenging mix of foundational resistance and high-intensity training," Heenan wrote in an Instagram post, calling the sweat sessions "fast, furious, and effective." She also noted that she'll include modifications in every class to help meet the needs of different fitness levels.

While the program officially launches on Openfit in March, Mitchell will begin her 4 Weeks of Focus on January 11 with Heenan as her trainer and her friend Stephanie Shepherd as her accountability partner — and you'll have the opportunity to work out alongside them the whole way. (

To participate, all you'll need is a set of dumbbells and an Openfit membership, which ranges from $39 to $96, with 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans available, as well as a 14-day free trial (learn more about the subscription breakdowns here).

Throughout the four-week program, Mitchell will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at her struggles, progress, and results as she works her way through the exercises.

"2020 was a tough year, so I'm excited to be starting 2021 off on the 'right' foot on a personal level by taking care of my health and wellness," Mitchell shared in a statement. "Partnering with Openfit on 4 Weeks of Focus gives me the opportunity to kick-start this new year and share my workouts as I do them. I look forward to sweating it out alongside everyone."

You probably already know about Mitchell's dedication to fitness, but if you're unfamiliar with Heenan, she's one of the most real AF trainers out there. In 2019, she opened up about her experience with anorexia and how turning to fitness saved her life.

These days, Heenan is a dedicated trainer who helps people find confidence through fitness — something she hopes to accomplish in the upcoming 4 Weeks of Focus program as well. "I love getting to know my clients and creating programs that are specific to their goals and needs," she said in a statement. "What makes 4 Weeks of Focus so special for me is that not only is it created with Shay and Steph in mind, but it's something that everyone can follow along with if they're willing to commit. I want to show everyone that in just about 30 minutes, five days a week for four weeks, you can make major progress — whether you're an actress, teacher, mom, or anything in between!" (

Ready to take on the challenge? Sign up for 4 Weeks of Focus here.

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