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How Stella Maxwell Uses Yoga to Prep—Physically and Mentally—for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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Stella Maxwell joined the ranks as a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2015—quickly becoming one of the most recognized faces (and bodies) to head down the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway. And it's in those past three years that she's also found her love of yoga, she says. While she works out with a private trainer, she also trains regularly with Beth Cooke, a New York City based yoga instructor at Sky Ting. The mind-body effects of yoga are so major that Maxwell plans to flow with Cooke on the day of the show, too. "We focus on just getting into the body, stretching out, doing some rigorous movement and core-work to help with stability so she can walk taller and prouder—plus we focus on breath work so she can be mindful and chilled out as she comes down the runway," Cooke says. (Related: How Victoria's Secret Models Got Fit for the VS Fashion Show

We caught up with Maxwell and Cooke at their Train Like an Angel yoga shoot to steal more of Maxwell's zen secrets, and find out how she's preparing for the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. 

How she got into yoga

"I was looking for a different type of exercise that would soothe my body and work with my flexibility. My friend was doing yoga so I thought yeah, sure, I’ll give it a go with you. And I really enjoyed it! I find it both stimulating and calming if that makes sense. In years past, I had yoga videos on my phone that I'd play and follow along with when I was traveling for the show. I always come out of yoga in a much better headspace and it helps me be more focused walking down the runway. (Hip dips are my favorite yoga move for tightening my core.) I feel like yoga centers everything, so you don’t feel so flustered in life."



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Her pre-show self-care beauty routine 

"Right now, I'm making sure I stay hydrated and eat clean and I’m trying to not travel coming up to the show—I’m staying in New York to really focus. I'm also trying to focus on relaxing; making some tea before bed, not staying up too late, and getting as much sleep as I can. For my skin, besides making sure to always take off my makeup before bed, I just got into Dr. Barbara Sturm's products. I went to see her, and she gave me a 'vampire facial' and a cream made from my own blood, which I think is just crazy, but it works." (FYI, fellow VS model Bella Hadid swears by the vampire facial too, crediting them with 'changing her skin forever'.) 



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Why she mixes up her workouts

"Just before the show, I try to work out as much as I can so I feel healthy and strong, but I also try to mix up my normal exercise routine with other things—I’ll do hikes, take my dog for a walk, or go to the range and play some golf—any activity that doesn't involve going to a gym and being inside."

Follow along with her restorative yoga routine with Cooke below. 

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