By Kristen Aldridge

Celebrity trainer Steve Moyer, who trains fit and fabulous clients like Zoe Saldana, Amanda Righetti, and Shannon Doherty, created this routine for SHAPE to give you long, lean, toned legs…and work your butt and abs at the same time.

Created by: Celebrity trainer Steve Moyer of The Moyer Method.

Level: Intermediate to Expert

Works: Legs, abs, butt, arms

Equipment: Exercise mat; pull-up bar, recumbent bike

How to do it: Three non-consecutive days a week, perform each move in order without resting in between exercises. After completing one circuit, rest for one minute, then repeat the entire circuit four more times. Follow this with 2 minutes of cycling on a recumbent bike at moderate pace, then 15 seconds at full speed; repeat four more times.

Click here to get the full workout from Steve Moyer!

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