Teyana Taylor Just Launched a Fitness Site So You Can Steal Her Workout Secrets

Step 1: Break the internet with your insane body. Step 2: World domination.


Teyana Taylor was probably one of the most-talked-about things post-VMAs this year-and for good reason. Her body (and kickass dance moves) basically broke the internet in Kanye West's "Fade" music video. (Remember how the VMAs were weirdly fitness-y this year? Not complaining.)

Immediately after the show, everyone started asking "HOW?!" because, well, who wouldn't want a body like that? Especially considering she just gave birth less than a year ago. To some people's misery (and others' celebration) she only does the "lazy workouts." She basically eats whatever she wants and never goes to the gym, she told E! News. She just dances to get those abs. Well, alright then.

But if you've been dying to hear that the secret to her body is anything other than genetics, you're in luck; Taylor just launched a fitness website called Fade 2 Fit, where she'll be sharing her secrets, specifically "dance workouts and behind the scenes footage of my workout choreography that I did to get back in shape after having baby Junie," she wrote in the announcement Instagram post.

"Everyone keeps asking me what I did to get my body. If you want to know my secret, sign up to get more information on the upcoming dance fitness program and dance workout tour," says Taylor in a message on the site.

You can pre-register now to see what Taylor has in store, or just dance around your living room to "Kanye's Workout Plan" and hope for the same results. (P.S. here's an epic Kanye West workout playlist that really will fuel you in the gym.)

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