Tia Mowry Just Shared What She's Really Thinking During a Tough Workout

The actress got real about how it feels to power through a Tracy Anderson workout.

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You can count on Tia Mowry to keep it real on her Instagram, whether she's opening up about her postpartum journey or the pressure to be perfect. While she's known to shine a light on important issues through her social media presence, she's also not afraid to have fun and show her goofy side to her more than 10 million Instagram followers. Case in point, the actress and mom of two just posted a video of a high-energy workout on her profile, and she was the first to admit the exercises were quite difficult.

In the clip, Mowry appears to be at a Tracy Anderson Studio, recognizable by the resistance bands hanging from the ceiling. ICYDK, Tracy Anderson is the trainer behind the Tracy Anderson Method and eponymous studio known to draw an impressive celebrity clientele. Anderson has worked with Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Tracee Ellis Ross, just to name a few. Her method involves activating and strengthening small muscles consistently and relies on her background in dance and years of research.

Mowry demonstrates parts of the method in her recent Instagram post. In the video, the Sister, Sister alum begins with some movements that incorporate the resistance bands secured to the ceiling of the studio. She leans side to side, raising and lowering her arms through the resistance. She jumps, shifting her weight from one foot to the next, keeping her arms straight at her sides while pulling down the bands. A text graphic over the clip reads, "Ooh okay, this is fun!"

Then, she lifts and lowers her arms while pulling on the bands to mimic an overhead press. Mowry is clearly beginning to fatigue as another bit of text appears over the video: "Starting to rethink this whole thing," she wrote. (

After revealing how sweaty she got from the first part of the workout and taking an impromptu dance break, Mowry tackles a series of lower body exercises using a pylo box — think quadruped leg lifts and lunge variations. "My legs said not today, sis," she wrote in a graphic shown over this part of the video.

Although she powered through the moves with a smile on her face until the end, Mowry got real in the caption of her post, writing, "Y'all, the key to feeling good is to keep things moving!! Trust me it gets hard at times, but more importantly, my exercise routine is such an integral part of my mental health and keeping my anxiety at bay. Moving my body helps me feel good — emotionally, mentally, and physically 🖤🖤" (See: The Biggest Mental and Physical Benefits of Working Out)

Her followers seem to be totally here for this sentiment. "So real and down to Earth," one person commented. "Needed this!" said another.

While everyone has their own methods for feeling good mentally and physically, Mowry's latest Instagram post makes a convincing case for adding a new workout to your routine (and maybe taking dance breaks in between tough sets to put a smile on your face). Best of all, you don't have to visit a celebrity-approved studio to get your body moving. Taking a walk outside and dancing it out in the living room are fun, free ways to get in some feel-good activity.

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