Top 10 Inspiring And Famous Quotes from Celebrities About Working Out


Ok, we admit it: Working out can get really old, really quickly. Sometimes, it's hard not to feel discouraged when you're spending hours at the gym and feeling like you're not seeing results. A little motivation can be a good thing! So we put together a list of our favorite famous celebrity fitness quotes about looking and feeling good to remind ourselves that ultimately, it's about being healthy. Enjoy!

Our 10 Favorite Famous Celebrity Fitness Quotes

Jessica Simpson: The singing superstar told her fans at the 2010 White House Correspondents Dinner to eat whatever they want. She added, "For me, it's just whatever makes me feel good. Work out whenever you want. Just take care of yourself."

Vanessa Hudgens: The actress and SHAPE cover girl told SHAPE in April that she believes "exercise is so amazing from the inside out. I feel so alive and have so much energy."

Kim Kardashian: Another of SHAPE's cover girls, and one-third of everybody's favorite sisters, Kim Kardashian says, "I'm really proud of my curves, and I hope all you curvy girls out there are embracing yours too!! It's important to work out and be the best version of yourself that you can be, but never feel like you have to be the skinniest girl in the room to be the prettiest. Be confident in yourself and you'll shine!"

Alicia Keys: This songstress loves running! She explains, "I really enjoy actually training. I like the focus of it, I like the mental side of it and I like running. I like when it's warm, if I can just hit a city block or hit a block, it gives me something to really concentrate on. And it's time alone, so I really like that a lot."

Heidi Klum: When this supermodel needed to lose weight after having a baby, she told Good Housekeeping that, "When you are a fit and healthy person to begin with, you are most likely to go back to what you were before." Klum maintains her figure by running, swimming and getting on the trampoline with her kids!

Jennifer Hudson: This American Idol-turned-Broadway star lost weight by joining Weight Watchers and working out five days per week. After going from a size 16 to a size 6, the singer said "It's not a diet, it's a way of life that teaches you better skills. For years, I felt like I could never have ice cream, but now I can eat ice cream occasionally!"

Oprah Winfrey: On weight loss and fitness, the queen of daytime talk said, "There is no easy way out. Believe me, if there were, I would have bought it. And it would be one of my favorite things!"

Rihanna: VOGUE's April cover girl told the magazine that after working with personal trainer Ary Nuñez, "I actually like my body, even if it's not perfect. I just feel sexy."

Kirstie Alley: The Dancing with the Stars contestant tweeted that she had lost 60 pounds before she started on DWTS. She later told US Weekly that "Dancing with The Stars made me alive again. It's given me a new view on what I want to do in my life."

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