Tracee Ellis Ross Shows Off Her Impressive Gym Workout

See every exercise the actress did during a recent sweat session.

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Tracee Ellis Ross has repeatedly shown her Instagram followers she doesn't mess around during her workouts, whether she's powering through a battle rope exercise or hitting the studio for Tracy Anderson Method classes. Now, she's here with another solid reminder that she knows what she's doing in the gym.

In a new video clip she posted on Instagram, the Black-ish star cycles through a series of moves at the gym in a sleek workout jumpsuit. She does a variety of moves, including cardio and strength training, for one intense-looking, full-body workout you just might want to copy next time you're in the gym.

"Getting it in!" Ellis Ross writes in the caption, tagging longtime trainer Jason Walsh in her post. He boasts an impressive list of celebrity clientele, including Brie Larson, Joey King, and Kerry Washington.

"We've been focusing on full body patterns and her goal is increasing her overall strength and muscle coordination," Walsh tells Shape. "We are always focused on reinforcing her fundamental movement patterns," he adds.

The 49-year-old starts her workout by doing sprints on a VersaClimber, a vertical climbing machine that pairs cardio with resistance training. She moves her arms and legs up and down at a fierce pace, extending her limbs at mid-range on the workout machine. This exercise is great for conditioning, according to Albert Matheny, R.D., C.S.C.S., co-founder of SoHo Strength Lab, who saw Ellis Ross' Instagram post. "You can't really rest on it — you're moving the whole time, and you're using a bunch of muscles [glutes, abdominals, lats, delts, triceps, biceps, quads, and calves] at once," he says.

Cut to a shot of Ellis Ross doing weighted hip thrusts, a solid glute exercise. "This is really focused on targeting the hips and butt," explains Matheny. Moving on to another lower-body exercise, Ellis Ross does landmine squats with a barbell. A landmine squat "really focuses on that lower body," says Matheny, noting "it's very easy to get your form right with these." If you try the move yourself, make sure to stand with feet hip-width apart, holding the end of the barbell with both hands at chest height.

After that, Ellis Ross does sled pushes at a steady pace. This move, which requires pushing a weighted sled across a distance is "great for quads, glutes, and getting in core work," says Matheny, adding that it "uses your whole body." The exercise requires "strength plus cardio for a super efficient workout," he adds.

Then, it's on to deadlift high pulls with a kBox machine, which allows you to work against the inertia of heavy steel flywheels rather than lifting weights against gravity. Matheny calls this a "great exercise," as it works glutes, as well as upper body muscles, including the back, biceps, and triceps. After that, Ellis Ross does back extensions, which work the lumbar, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.

Finally, Ross wraps things up with a static squat, pushing against a barbell loaded with weights. "It's a static force that she's pushing against — it's not going to move," says Matheny. This is an example of a strength workout that also becomes cardiovascular over time, he says.

Overall, Ross is "choosing to work multiple muscle groups at once" in all of her exercises, which maximizes her time at the gym, says Matheny.

"Getting it in" is right!

If you're interested in trying her moves for yourself, Walsh recommends doing 10 reps of each exercise three times. "Use free weights that you might have in your own home gym or garage," he says, adding that you can try a climbing workout on a VersaClimber at a Rise Nation studio in your area.

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