Tracee Ellis Ross Narrated Her Home Workout Struggles In a Hilariously Relatable Video

"Come on booty!"

Tracee Ellis Ross
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A lot of people became better acquainted with at-home workouts after gyms and studios were forced to shut down due to COVID-19. Folks have come up with tons of ways to get a workout with what they have at home, from using household items as weights to running races from their balconies.

If you put in the effort, home workouts can still be challenging and gratifying, and Tracee Ellis Ross can attest. The actress posted an Instagram video of her recent workout that perfectly illustrates the joys and struggles of home workouts. (

In the video, Ellis Ross is working out with a minimal home gym setup. "Still getting my workouts in! Makin this sh*t work," she wrote in her caption. Even though she's not working out in public, she's just as well-dressed as usual in a Koral Emblem Infinity Sports Bra (Buy It, $70,, Koral Mesh-Paneled Stretch Leggings, and Asics Gel Nimbus 20 Stockholm Sneakers.

"Very limited equipment here at the Tracee gym," Ellis Ross says in her video before grabbing a pair of dumbbells and giving her (presumably virtual) trainer the okay to start. The rest of the video follows her through a series of highs and lows that anyone who loves/hates to work out will appreciate. At some points she seems to be having a great time, waving at the camera during resistance band side steps and telling an imaginary person "hey" during Romanian deadlifts. She even cheers on her butt, telling it "come on booty!" (

At other points, Ellis Ross had to push through challenging reps. After cursing her way through Arnold presses, her trainer cuts in with "let's go for 10," to which Ellis Ross responds "that's a better idea." She then laugh-cries during a set of elevated push-ups before telling the camera "that sh*t is hard."

Throughout quarantine, Tracee Ellis Ross has continued to hilariously showcase the ups and downs of working out at home. Sometimes you're dancing on a treadmill with no one around, other times you're doing dumbbell exercises and hating every rep.

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