Steal the abs, butt, and cardio moves she did at celeb hotspot Dogpound in New York City.

By Renee Cherry
Photo: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Need a quick hit of workout motivation? A new video of Vanessa Hudgens smiling through a Sunday workout will have you itching to get moving no matter how stacked your Netflix queue. (Same goes for this video of Jennifer Lopez crushing a workout with A-Rod.)

Over the weekend, the actress fit in an intense full-body workout alongside actor and TV host Oliver Trevena. The two friends were training at Dogpound-where Ashley Graham, Shay Mitchell, Hailey Baldwin, and seemingly every other fit famous person has set foot. The gym's founder, Kirk Myers, posted a montage of her workout to Instagram, with clips just long enough that you'll be able to copy the exercises during your next workout.

Hudgens did some lateral slides on a slide board while tossing a tennis ball (coordinated much?) and put in some time on the Ski Erg. As for core work, she tackled a plank to pike with a rowing machine, reverse crunches, and partner leg lifts with Trevena. Finally, she did some mini band exercises, including long jumps with jumping jacks and glute bridges with feet on the ground and elevated. (Side note: Her workout style was on fire, as always.)

Hudgens is smiling through the video, which comes as no surprise given her love of working out. The Second Act star has shared that she enjoys mixing up her routine with Pilates, spinning, yoga, and taking hikes. When it comes to working out for work, she did grueling CrossFit workouts to prepare for her role in Sucker Punch, and she's flexed her dancing skills for multiple roles-including a recent stint on Broadway. So, yeah, while Hudgens might be an actress for a living, we're totally buying-and feeding off of-her fitness enthusiasm.

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