America Ferrera posted this badass boxing video that will make you want to take up the sport.

By By Renee Cherry
Updated: November 08, 2018
Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Fact: No workout makes you look more like a badass than boxing does. America Ferrera is proof of the rule. She's been hitting up the boxing ring and looking really freakin' fierce.

In a recent video on her Instagram, Ferrera does a long series of punches with her trainer before breaking into a laugh. "New obsession. I'm imagining I'm in a movie montage...the part where I'm not that good but we all know I win in the end. #comeatme," Ferrera captioned the video. Her visualization worked; it's a pretty intense clip. Maybe it's the lighting or her intense gaze, but the scene does have a movie-like quality. And Ferrera looks like the fighter no one should try to mess with.

Ferrera is one of many celebrities who have shared their love of boxing and swear by the workout to stay in shape. (Here are 10 stars who have boxed their ways to fit bodies.) Boxing is also the preferred workout among Victoria's Secret angels like Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel.

For good reason: Boxing is an incredible calorie-burner that will have even the most fit person sweating buckets. Did you know boxing can burn 13 calories per minute? Boxing is also one of the best workouts for your core, since you engage it with every punch. (These are just a few of the many reasons we love boxing.) If you've been in awe of boxing but too intimidated to try, focus on the payoff. Not only does it look impressive, it's extremely effective and will make you feel like a badass.


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