She's starting 2019 off on a super-high note.

By Faith Brar

When it comes to fitness, Brie Larson doesn't mess around. Over the past year, the actress has gotten insanely strong prepping for her role as Captain Marvel. We're talking upside-down indoor rock climbing, pull-ups with steel chains, and insane abs workouts that will have you feeling sore just watching.

The actress is continuing to wow us-now, with a video of her doing 275-pound barbell hip thrusts like it's NBD. In the Instagram video, Larson completes five reps of this insanely heavy lift and, in the most relatable twist ever, celebrates at the end with a giant cookie from her trainer Jason Walsh, founder of Rise Nation. Walsh is like the sherpa of badass female celeb weightlifting-he also trains Emma Stone, Alison Brie, and Mandy Moore-and is all about #girlpower.

"Getting stronger is a psychological reinforcement," Walsh previously told Shape. "To be pain-free, to be strong, to do things outside of the scope of what you thought you could, to achieve that kind of greatness in the gym, it transfers over to everything-you're more powerful, you're more confident. It's not just looking great or lifting weight, there's this amazing mentality of being strong and confident."

BTW, this isn't the first time Larson has shown off her incredible hip-thrusting skills. Just a few months ago, the celeb went viral for lifting a whopping 400 pounds. Fellow celebs Chelsea Handler and Kate Upton are obsessed with this booty-sculpting move as well, further proving why it's considered one of the best butt exercises of all time.

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