Plus, she one-ups the already-tough move by adding dumbbell front raises to the mix.

By Faith Brar

Jessica Biel doesn't mess around when it comes to fitness and looks like she amped it up even more to prep for last night's 2019 Emmy's award show. The 36-year-old actress was recently nominated for her role in The Sinner. To show just how hard she was working, the fit mom took to Instagram to share a part of her pre-awards workout. TBH, it will make you sore just watching her. (Related: Jessica Biel Shares How Yoga Changed Her Mindset On Fitness)

The series of clips shows Biel doing plyo box pistol squats with a bonus dumbbell front raise, duh-and yes, this combo move is just as hard as it sounds. "Hey, Emmy, my butt is coming for you," wrote Biel. "Assuming I can walk after these pistol squats."

Squats are one of the best functional strength moves out there. But one-legged squats, like these demonstrated by Biel, are a great way to turn up the heat. (All the more reason why mastering the single-leg squat should be your next fitness goal.)

Even her trainer, Ben Bruno, agrees and took a moment to applaud her on his Instagram. "These single-leg squats from @jessicabiel are seriously, seriously impressive," he wrote. "She's up for an Emmy on Monday and has been training really hard. I'm very excited for her and just hope she's not so sore that she can't sit down for the show."

Not only did Biel complete the challenging workout, but naturally she let her goofball flag fly, and ended her reps with a well-deserved victory dance. She makes it all look too easy.

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April 9, 2019
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