You know what they say: Girls rule.

By Renee Cherry
November 16, 2017
Photo: Instagram @benbrunotraining

By now you're well aware of the fact that Kate Upton is a total boss. She's shown off her impressive fitness skills time and again during gym sessions, grueling boot camp workouts, and aerial yoga. The super model's ability to lift heavy has always been especially impressive, and she's continuing to serve up strength training inspo.

The latest: Kate just reposted an Instagram video of herself working out with her pro baseball player-husband Justin Verlander. Keep in mind that the couple is fresh off their wedding in Italy just less than two weeks ago. And FYI, we're not talking medicine ball sit-ups and push-up high fives or whatever partner workout moves that might come to mind. In the video, she's pushing a sled...uphill...with Justin standing on it. And true to form, Kate makes it look easy.

There's a good reason our September cover model and plenty of other celebs are incorporating weighted sleds into their workouts. (Amber Heard used sled work during her rigorous training for Aquaman.) Sleds are a super-effective tool for getting a cardio and strength workout at the same time. For Kate, pushing it uphill means she was able to activate those lower body muscles, such as her glutes and hamstrings, ever further. Walking or running on an incline ups your calorie burn and more effectively strengthens your glutes, quads, and calves compared to flat road.