In case you needed some inspiration to hit the gym tonight.

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On Tuesday, the former Pretty Little Liars star and pet lover (she's currently working on raising money for the ASPCA charity through the Bee Good Rewards program) posted a video of herself on Instagram slaying a sweet set of pull-ups.

To be fair, they're technically chin-ups-a type of pull-up where your palms are facing you vs. away from you on the bar. Regardless, girl makes it look easy-but anyone who works out knows that both chin-ups and pull-ups are no easy feat. (Want to give pull-ups a try? Here's how to do a pull-up.)

"I work with a trainer in LA, and it started out as 'let me see if I can even do a pull-up,'" she tells Shape. "And I couldn't! But gradually I could do half of one, then one. Over the years I got up to eight-but right now I'm back down to three."

To even get to the point where she could perform one pull-up, she says her trainer focused on strength training.

"We do a lot of moves that are strength training-from circuits to HIIT to just using my own bodyweight," she says. "You have to keep at it weekly or you lose those muscles," she says. (Which is one of the main reasons you may be struggling to nail your first pull-up, so don't lose hope.) "But my goal is to one day be able to do 10 pull-ups."

While you could certainly accomplish that feat in 2019, she has some other serious fitness goals-like trying new workouts and getting back into running. (Switching up her workout is one of the key ways she stays motivated.)

"I love working out. I'm just one of those people who genuinely enjoy it," she says. "I've really been wanting to try hot Pilates classes. And I was really into running for a while. I still do sprints, but I've lost endurance. I'd like to get better at it this year."

Another goal she'd like to accomplish? Using her juicer.

"I've been reading all about celery juice and have some friends that rave about it, so I went and bought a juicer so I could start-but I haven't used it yet!" she laughs. (Before you try it, read up on whether drinking celery juice is actually a good idea.)