Between exercises, they revealed the details on how they prepped for the film.

By Renee Cherry
July 11, 2019
Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario attend the Australian premiere of 'Baywatch'
Credit: Brook Mitchell/Getty Images

If you've been sleeping on Zac Efron's Youtube channel, you need to catch up on his Gym Time series ASAP. He's been meeting up with the likes of Nina Dobrev, Marcedes Lewis, and Victoria's Secret Angels for joint workouts. In his latest episode, Zac met up with Alexandra Daddario for a mini Baywatch reunion and the two tackled a partner core workout that you'll be sore just watching. (Related: The Baywatch-Inspired Butt Workout for a Sculpted Booty)

The actors warmed up with some dead bugs and hollow body holds. They moved on to work more on their abs, then obliques, and back muscles with a Russian twist/medicine ball toss combo and some parallette bars and SkiErg work. At one point, things got competitive: The two set out to see who could complete the most reps of a move that involved lying with their legs in tabletop, crunching up, and tossing a medicine ball to the other person who was standing by their feet. Daddario managed 47 reps while Efron did 45 (girl power!!), so he had to suffer through cryotherapy after the workout.

Throughout the video, the two reflected on filming Baywatch. Alexandra said that to prepare for the movie, she turned up her training—and it totally transformed how she felt. ″My first thought...was, 'Great, I got the part, I don't really need to do anything, I'm fine,'″ she said. ″And then I went in to start weight training and working out and I started noticing my back started to feel better. And it wasn't just how I looked, it was how I felt.″ (Related: 11 Major Health and Fitness Benefits of Lifting Weights)

Their experiences weren't all pleasant, though. Zac talked about his diet while getting ready for the role, which he's previously revealed included nine days of zero carbs. ″I was not happy not eating carbs,″ he admitted in the video. ″Yeah, I was pretty stoked when I saw the results but it was not worth it,″ he said. ″You're just sad." (Related: Jennifer Lopez Is Doing a 10-Day, No-Sugar, No-Carbs Challenge)

Thankfully you can skip the misery and take inspiration from his Baywatch prep by stealing their core workout—but, please, keep eating your carbs.