By Jené Luciani
October 22, 2012

If Miami makes you think of sunshine, bikinis, fake boobs, and swanky restaurants, you're on the right track. The city is already hot in every way, and with a few well-played catfights, Bravo's re-vamped Real Housewives of Miami is heating things up even more. But bubbly 30-year-old Lisa Hochstein has managed to stay above the fray. This fan favorite is more into fitness than fighting and recently revealed her fertility struggles with the cameras rolling.

We chatted with the former Playboy model to learn how she maintains her amazing figure, why she loves wearing sweats, and who's the fittest housewife.

SHAPE: Why does staying in shape matter so much to you?

Lisa Hochstein (LH): I want to stay healthy, live a long life, and of course I like to look good! Who doesn't like to look good in their clothes?

SHAPE: What's your typical workout routine?

LH: I try to work out first thing in a.m. because I tend to get tired at night. I start every day with 30 to 40 minutes on the elliptical and then some light weights. I alternate muscle groups three to four days a week-I'll do biceps and triceps one day, shoulders and back another day-and then I work my abs and calves daily because they are smaller muscle groups and great for defining and accentuating. I'm also looking to start working with a personal trainer because I feel I've plateaued a little and want to learn some new tips and tricks. No matter how long you've been working out, you can always learn new things.

SHAPE: Okay, so give us the scoop-who's the fittest housewife of all?

LH: Me, obviously! Unlike the others, I live, eat, sleep, and breathe fitness. However, Joanna Krupa works out and has a phenomenal body, so she's my top competition, and Lea Black has lost a lot of weight this season by eating better and working out.

SHAPE: Being in great shape isn't just about exercising, though. Is there any special diet you follow?

LH: I stick to clean eating, which means no processed foods if at all possible. If I'm on the go, I carry a date and nut bar in my bag. I also stay away from sugar and never skip breakfast. Every morning I make a protein pancake with honey on it, and then I eat five more small meals throughout the day and a protein shake after working out to feed my muscles. I feel this diet keeps my skin looking young and fresh.

SHAPE: When you posed for Playboy, what did you do to get your body and skin ready?

LH: Two or three times a year right before anything major, I do a two-part cleanse. It flushes out my system, sort of like spring cleaning.

SHAPE: Do you feel the pressures of being a housewife or living in a looks-centered place like Miami? How do you handle it?

LH: I think there's a lot of pressure living in any place like L.A., Miami, or even Vegas because everyone always seems so perfect, but I don't always want to be dressed up. I love being in sweats and hanging out at home, but it's just part of the lifestyle when you live in a city full of beautiful people.

SHAPE: Is there anything else you think people need to know about you that they haven't seen on the show?

LH: Yes, our philanthropic work. My husband and I open up our home two to three times a year to host events for the Make a Wish Foundation and the Women's Cancer Foundation and, so far, we've raised over $250,000. It's so great to be able to give back.